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Professor Martin R. Castell
Department of Materials
University of Oxford
Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH

email: martin.castell 'at' materials.ox.ac.uk

Tel. +44 - 1865 - 273 786
Fax. +44 - 1865 - 273 783

Scientific Career:

University of Exeter
1987-1990     Department of Physics, BSc in Physics with Medical Physics

University of Cambridge
1990-1994     Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, PhD on Indentation Plasticity in Semiconductors

University of Oxford
1994-1999     Post-doc in the Department of Materials
1994-1999     Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College
1999-2005     Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Materials
1999-2005     Research Fellow at Wolfson College
2002-2009     College Lecturer at St. Edmund Hall
2005-2010     University Lecturer in the Department of Materials
2005-pres      Official Fellow at Linacre College
2010-pres      Professor of Materials in the Department of Materials

University of Toronto
1996              Post-doc in the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science
1996              Senior Resident at Massey College

Queen's University Belfast
2002-2005     ICEP Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Atomistic Simulation Group, School of Mathematics and Physics

University of New South Wales
2014              Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Materials Science and Engineering