Gearbox Modifications _

1. Auto Torque Baising Differential  

Quaiffe Diff

Automatic torque biasing differential (ATB) by Quaife controls the power transmitted to both driving wheels. It has an automatic proportional operation, progressive curve but never locks unlike the LSD in the Sport 300. The idea is that it should eliminate harsh torque steer characteristics of other LSD's. It is a completely gear operated design, No plates, works in all traction conditions and is a direct fit to the UN1 - 026 Esprit gearbox.



Technical principle: Sets of floating helical gear pinions mesh to provide the normal speed differential action. In the event of one wheel slip, torque bias is generated by the axial and radial thrusts of the pinions in the pockets. Resultant friction force enables the driving road wheel and sun gear to transmit a greater proportion of the torque. This effect is progressive but at no stage does the differential lock solid.

cutaway drawing


2. Gearbox Overhaul  

Assembled gearbox

Gearbox was stripped, carefully inspected and rebuilt. All the bearings and seals were replaced, and a new 2nd gear synchro ring was fitted.



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translator Translator ball joints were replaced.

3. Uprated Clutch  

  • Straight replacement, "bolt on" unit.
  • Complete kit comprising of the pressure plate, friction plate, and release bearing.
  • Uprated torque specification, +25%.
  • Same supplier as the original Lotus clutch (Valéo.)
  • New design throughout (now same design as our +35% clutch), more reliability.
  • Much better torque capabilities than the Lotus (above) design but still easy to press.
Clutch assembly and Flywheel were dynamically balanced by Vibration Free in Oxfordshire.

4. Braided Clutch Hose  


The Esprit has a plastic clutch hose installed by the factory. Poor clutch action, especially in hot climates is called the infamous "red hose" syndrome. It is thought that the plastic line softens and expands when its gets warm. As a result, the clutch doesn't fully disengage, resulting in grinding during gear shifts. With a stainless steel braided hose you should eliminate the so-called "red hose syndrome".





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