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1. Venue  


Pistonheads organised the latest round of the Vmax series at the Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome and Proving Ground in Leicestershire on Sunday 20th March.

The 2 mile long and 60 m wide runway is the longest in the UK. Timing gear was setup at the end of the runway to accurately record the terminal velocity of the cars.



Speedo is off the scale at this point, was reading approx 180 mph !!!
Tiff Needell was there along with a film crew from the Channel 5 "5th Gear" programme. Interesting banter comparing the 4-cylinder car to their 200 mph V8 project.
Click to enlarge Video clip (.mov), click to run.

2. Other cars  

Ruf GT2 Porsche. The owner claims he had 650 hp and 700 ft lbs on the dyno last week.


Another Ruf 911 Turbo lined up against Lamborghini Murcielago.
360 Modena behind a highly modified Subaru Impreza WRX.

3. Performance Figures I recorded a Freescan log file during one of my high speed runs. Here are a few of the plots from the log file.

Speed Plot

My max speed through the radar trap was 165 mph,0-100 approx 10 sec.

Turbo Boost

I am running the "red race' chip from Marcus (PUK). Maximum boost held steady at 1.25 bar.

Primary Injectors

The RC 370 cc/min primary injectors peak out at 74% duty cycle.

Secondary Injectors

I fitted new 240 cc/min Borsch secondary injectors to make sure there was sufficient fuel.

Mass Air Temperature

At these very high and sustained boost levels you see a dramatic rise in the air inlet temperatures.

Air Fuel Ratio

O2 sensor readings indicate and A/F ratio of approx 12.5:1

4. Speed Statistics  








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