OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2002

Every Sunday: Library Meetings from 8pm at 48 Cranham Street (Geneva drew a nice map to direct you to where the library was, but Cranham St is also shown).

Other Meetings
16 Jan  1st Week Wednesday Videos The Shining and Ghostbusters
23 Jan  2nd Week Wednesday Silly Games
30 Jan  3rd Week Wednesday Videos Pitch Black and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
2 Feb  Saturday SF Film Con?
6 Feb  4th Week Wednesday Videos The Thirteenth Floor and Spy Kids
9 Feb  Saturday PicoCon
13 Feb  5th Week Wednesday Author Adam Roberts
16 Feb  Saturday Banquet
20 Feb  6th Week Wednesday Discussion Obscure Pick Reviews
23 Feb  Saturday Videos Reboot
27 Feb  7th Week Wednesday Videos Ginger Snaps and Shrek
6 Mar  8th Week Wednesday Discussion Mike - Apocalypses

Wednesday Discussion and Author meetings start at 8pm in the Blue Boar Room of Christ Church College (on St Aldates; see map). Ask the porter or one of the men in bowler hats for the door code for the locked door halfway to the room.

Wednesday Video meetings start promptly at 8pm; gather at 7:30pm to avoid missing the start. These take place in the St John's College (on St Giles; see map) JCR video room.

The Banquet will be held on Saturday of 5th Week (16 Feb) in Balliol Hall. We meet at 7:30pm in The Massey Room (drinks reception), with the banquet starting at 8pm.


You can download a two-page PDF file for printing. This requires a PDF viewer, eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader. This file includes the maps for the library, discussion, and video meetings.
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