OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2006

Sunday Library Meetings are from 8:30 in The Mitre (usually in the quiet room at the back). Come along for friendly chat and book recommendations. Books can also be requested from the librarian, or returned.

Wednesday discussion and author meetings (see below for topics) are held at 8pm in the Lady Brodie Room in St Hilda's College. The room is in the Hall Building, which is the first one you see directly opposite you as you go through the gates, and it's signposted as soon as you go into hall.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) start at 8pm in Linacre College's (map) TV room. On entering Linacre lodge, turn right and go through the doorway, and then go down stairs half a floor. Take the doorway on the right of that landing (there should be a payphone in front of you), and the TV room is the unmarked door on your left. [detailed directions]

8 Oct  Sunday 1st Week Freshers' Drinks 4-6pm in the Holywell Manor bar. Holywell Manor is on the corner of St Cross and Manor Roads (on the way to St Catz) - see map. Go straight in the front door and straight ahead into the bar.
It would probably be a bad idea to include a link to descriptions of previous Freshers' Drinks.
11 Oct  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion How to Build a Time Machine. Discussion led by Tim.
18 Oct  Wednesday 2nd Week Author Pat Cadigan - in St Hilda's Lady Brodie Room as usual.
25 Oct  Wednesday 3rd Week Video V for Vendetta, introduced by Tim.
1 Nov  Wednesday 4th Week Discussion Superpowers. Discussion led by Owen.
8 Nov  Wednesday 5th Week Video Edward Scissorhands or S1m0ne
15 Nov  Wednesday 6th Week Video Constantine
22 Nov  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion OUSFG Awards discussion, run by Becky. This will start the process of selecting the 3rd annual OUSFG Award, which is for the best "speculative fiction" novel published in paperback during the preceding year (i.e. October 2005 to September 2006 in this case). Come along to find out what's new, and discuss suggestions of what to read. We will pick a short-list next term, and have a final vote in the summer.
24 Nov  Friday 7th Week Party Joint OUSFG/RPGSoc Christmas Party in Morden Hall (map), St Hugh's College. Contact Sebastian to reserve a ticket.
29 Nov  Wednesday 8th Week Video Contact

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