OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2007

Sunday Library Meetings are from 7:30pm in Heather's room in St Hilda's Christina Barratt Building, room 212. Here are some detailed directions from Heather:

Past the porters' lodge, there should be a black signpost in front of you; follow the sign for Christina Barratt Building. This entails going left until you come to South Building. Go into South Building through the door with the black sign next to it, then go through the next door, and you should be in the foyer of South. Go through the door in the far left corner. There should be double doors leading outside to your right; go outside and along the path, heading towards the Hideous Sixties Building of Doom. Follow the path when it goes left then straight ahead (you should be under a covered walkway). To your right is the Hideous Sixties Building of Doom, but I don't live there; there are two small openings in the wall on the left, and if you go through one of those you should be in front of a Shiny Modern Building of Joy. This should be signed as the Christina Barratt Building. Go inside and ascend the steps up to the second floor, then wander along the corridor until you find room 212. That's my room!

Wednesday discussion meetings (see below for topics) and Silly Games are held at 8pm in the Lady Brodie Room in St Hilda's College. The room is in the Hall Building, which is the first one you see directly opposite you as you go through the gates, and it's signposted as soon as you go into hall.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) start at 8pm in Linacre College's (map) TV room. On entering Linacre lodge, turn right and go through the doorway, and then go down stairs half a floor. Take the doorway on the right of that landing (there should be a payphone in front of you), and the TV room is the unmarked door on your left. [detailed directions]

25 Apr  Wednesday 1st Week Video Capricorn One and From the Earth to the Moon (LEM Episode). Was OJ Simpson's Mars landing faked? It's hard to shed those extra pounds when you're a lunar lander.
28 Apr  Saturday 1st Week Bonus Video Battlestar Galactica TV movie and as much of the first series as we have time for before (and maybe after) Doctor Who. 2:30pm at Tim's house.
2 May  Wednesday 2nd Week Discussion How to Win Friends And Influence Aliens: politics in Science Fiction and Fantasy - chaired by Steve
9 May  Wednesday 3rd Week Video Muppets in Space. Gonzo searches for his roots - is the truth out there?
16 May  Wednesday 4th Week Discussion Elements of board game design - chaired by Lyndsey
23 May  Wednesday 5th Week Video The Second Coming. Russell T Davies' story of how Christ came to Manchester
30 May  Wednesday 6th Week Discussion OUSFG Award final selection
6 Jun  Wednesday 7th Week Video TV episodes night
9 Jun  Saturdayday 7th Week Punt Party This will be at Parson's Pleasure. To get there: walk east along South Parks Road, and at the corner by the Zoology building continue east in a straight line along the cycle path until you get to the river; leave the path by turning left just before you reach the river. We'll be somewhere on the large grassy area there.
13 Jun  Wednesday 8th Week Silly Games 8pm in St Hilda's Sibthorpe Room.

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