Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list with information about the weekly classes for anyone interested in attending, members or not. To join, send a blank email to or contact the webmaster.


To get involved, you will first need to decide on how long you wish to join for. Then, the easiest way to sign up is to bring cash or a cheque payable to OU Photography Society and give it to a member of the committee.

Expensive camera equipment is not a membership requirement!


One term:£15
One year:£30
Two years:£40
Three years:£45
Four years:£50

Termly membership lasts until the same week in the following term, yearly until the same week the following year etc.

Classes are free to all in the first week of Michaelmas term. Thereafter, they are free to members and non-members wishing to attend can do so for £3 each time.