Oxford University Quiz Society

Joining the Society

If you are a student at Oxford, then we would love for you to join OUQS. According to the Society constitution, all subscribers to the Society mailing list are automatically members of the Society. To subscribe to the mailing list, simply send a blank e-mail to quiz-all-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk or e-mail us at quiz.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk and ask to be added. Alternatively, stop by the Quiz Society stall at the Freshers' Fair in Michaelmas and sign up for the list. E-mails to the Society list are infrequent, but they will tell you about upcoming social events, tournaments within Oxford such as the Intercollegiate Quiz and the Freshers' ICQ, and the annual general meeting.

OUQS makes a distinction between the "Quiz Society," which is open to all members of the university who wish to join, and the "Quiz Squad," which you must be invited to join. We limit membership in the Squad only because, in recent years, we have had upwards of 75 new people interested in joining it in October, a number we could not possibly manage. As a result, we have implemented tryouts for joining the Squad. Starting in Michaelmas 2010, those tryouts took the form of three fun and light-hearted practices on Mondays of Michaelmas term. Based on people's performance in those practices, we invite new people to join the Squad. Each year, we also invite people who put up exceptional performances in the ICQ and Freshers' ICQ. There is no set limit to the number of new members we add to the Squad each year. Rest assured that it is inevitably quite a large contingent, including nearly all of the people who have demonstrated the most enthusiasm to join.

Members of the Squad are expected to make some effort to attend our weekly practices on Monday nights during term time and to help staff at important tournaments in Oxford. They are also required to pay a £10 subscription fee each Hilary term in order to remain Squad members. Note that there is no membership fee to join the Society itself.