Oxford University Quiz Society

Useful Links

Here is a list of some links that might interest anybody wishing to play quizbowl in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the most important source for up-to-date news about upcoming tournaments in the UK is the British Quizbowl page on Facebook.

Most British tournaments are also announced on the message board of the Quizbowl Resource Center, a site sponsored by the American Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence.

Some of the questions that we use in tournaments at Oxford are written by National Academic Quiz Tournaments, an American company for which several OUQS current and former members are writers. OUQS has sent teams each of the past two years to NAQT's Intercollegiate Championship Tournament.

NAQT questions for some British tournaments, such as the ICQ, are modified by people working for BuzzerQuiz, another group that contains many OUQS members, although be warned that their website had some unresolved issues with angry anti-Zionist Turkish hackers. If you are looking to start an intercollegiate or intramural tournament at another British university, then you should contact the people at BuzzerQuiz.

The questions from nearly every recent non-NAQT tournament held anywhere in the English-speaking world can be found at the online Packet Archive. Younger students reading this website should note that this site also has a well-maintained archive of high school tournament sets. Note that the "Briticised" versions of ACF Fall 2010 and the Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament 2011 are not posted on the packet archive; feel free to e-mail us directly if you are interested in looking at one of those sets, either of which would be suitable for new British teams to use in practice.

If you are writing questions or studying very specific topics, you might be interested in several databases of questions from recent tournaments. Among the best are Gyaankosh, QBDB, and the new Quizbowl Central, which also lets you play online against other people.

The Academic Competition Federation, which runs one of two annual American collegiate national championship tournaments, contains many useful links, including information about packet submission and question writing. Be especially sure to check out Jerry Vinokurov's informative guide to writing better quizbowl questions.

Useful resources for running tournaments can be found in many places. The NAQT website includes links to the full NAQT rules, a printable version of the official NAQT score sheet, and a sample score sheet so you can see how to fill it out properly. Note that the OUQS website no longer endorses use of BuzzerQuiz's slightly different score sheet, which was not designed to be used with SQBS and thus unnecessarily complicates a tournament's stat-keeping. If you want to keep your stats on the computer, check out the excellent Excel skills of Hunter College High School student Lily Chen.

Your source for information about many aspects of the quizbowl world, including a fairly detailed history of the British Student Quiz Championships, is the Quizbowl Wiki.

Of our friends and rivals on the British quizbowl circuit, the Cambridge University Quiz Society currently maintains an active webpage. We hope to provide a link to the University of Manchester Quiz Society webpage after they get it set up.

If you want to buy a buzzer, we would encourage you to check out Jaser Electronics Ltd.

If you want to keep computerized statistics at a tournament, we would recommend SQBS, a free programme written by Chris Sewell. A Mac version of SQBS now exists as well, thanks to Eric Smith of the University of Toronto, but it is not yet available for download.

If you're interested in quizzing in your local area, try visiting the website of the Association of British Quiz Leagues (ABQL), a recently formed contact network. The Quiz League of London website also contains information about quizzes in various formats, mainly in London.

If you're interested in "quizzing" of a different sort in the United Kingdom, you may be interested in websites for a variety of very popular groups. These include Quizzing.co.uk, which is Britain's largest quizzing organization; QuizQuizQuiz, which hosts everything from pub quizzes to team-building quizzes throughout the country; and the Mind Sports Olympiad, which hosts an individual national quiz championship.

While OUQS does not play an official role in organizing the teams that individual Oxford colleges field for University Challenge each year, a huge number of our past and present members have played on the show. Fans of University Challenge may be interested in the websites for Granada Television, the UK Game Shows Page, Sean Blanchflower's University Challenge Page, and the Life After Mastermind blog.