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The Purpose of the Network

The Mystical Theology Network has been established in order to reflect upon the status currently being assigned to the mystical and the apophatic within theology today, creating as it is important points of synergy within the diverse fields of theological studies. The network aims to facilitate fresh theological engagement with Christian mystical traditions, broadly understood as the receptions and interpretations of those texts and figures that have been treated as ‘canonical’.

In pursing these aims the network will reflect on the underpinnings of this canon and in so doing enable dialogue with other explorations of the mystical and apophatic, both academic and experiential. The network endeavours to reflect the plurality of theological approaches to Christian mystical theology: historical, literary, practical, and systematic perspectives; as well as philosophical, psychological, and phenomenological methods. Although the primary focus of the network is the Christian tradition, it is also recognized that the study of texts from other traditions will often serve to highlight the theological, psychological and philosophical questions that Christian mysticism brings to the fore.