john j. lowe

Me Welcome to my website. I am a (Leverhulme Early Career) Research Fellow in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics, University of Oxford.

Besides this website, I have a page on Academia, where you can find some additional talks and papers. If you are a member of Academia, you can also 'follow' me to keep up with my work.

I am working on syntactic variation in the conversational language of Sanskrit drama. I have recently completed my D.Phil. on the syntax and semantics of participles in RĖĢgvedic Sanskrit; I am also working more widely on syntax within the framework of Lexical Functional Grammar. You can download my CV here.
My research interests include: Sanskrit language and linguistics, Syntactic theory (primarily Lexical Functional Grammar), the syntax-phonology interface, formal semantics, Indo-Iranian comparative and historical linguistics (Sanskrit, Prakrit, Avestan, Old Persian), Greek and Latin historical linguistics, Indo-European comparative philology, Ancient Indian grammatical tradition, Germanic comparative and historical linguistics (especially Gothic, Old Norse).

I 'know' the following languages: Ancient: Vedic Sanskrit, Classical Sanskrit, Prakrit, Avestan, Old Persian, Middle Persian, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old Norse, Old English, Aramaic. Modern: French & German; I am currently learning Russian.

My departmental email address is of the form

Last modified 01 March, 2013