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361 Ultrahigh critical current densities, the vortex phase diagram, and the effect of granularity of the stoichiometric high-Tc superconductor CaKFe4As4
S. J. Singh, M. Bristow, W. R. Meier, P. Taylor, S. J. Blundell, P. C. Canfield and A. I. Coldea
Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 074802 (2018) Link
362 Magnetic phases of skyrmion-hosting GaV4S8-ySey (y=0,2,4,8) probed with muon spectroscopy
K. J. A. Franke, B. M. Huddart, T. J. Hicken, F. Xiao, S. J. Blundell, F. L. Pratt, M. Crisanti, J. A. T. Barker, S. J. Clark, A. Stefancic, M. C. Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan and T. Lancaster
Phys. Rev. B 98, 054428 (2018) Link
363 Observation of a crossover from nodal to gapped superconductivity in LuxZr1-xB12
F. K. K. Kirschner, N. E. Sluchanko, V. B. Filipov, F. L. Pratt, C. Baines, N. Y. Shitsevalova and S. J. Blundell
Phys. Rev. B 98, 094505 (2018) Link
364 Quantum magnetism in molecular spin ladders probed with muon-spin spectroscopy
T. Lancaster, F. Xiao, B. M. Huddart, R. C. Williams, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, S. J. Clark, R. Scheuermann, T. Goko, S. Ward, J. L. Manson, C. Rüegg, and K. W. Krämer
New. J. Phys. 20, 103002 (2018) Link
365 Multigap superconductivity in RbCa2Fe4As4F2 investigated using μSR measurements
D. T. Adroja, F. K. K. Kirschner, F. Lang, M. Smidman, A. D. Hillier, Z.-C. Wang, G.-H. Cao, G. B. G. Stenning and S. J. Blundell
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 87, 124705 (2018) Link
366 A.C. susceptibility as a probe of low-frequency magnetic dynamics
C. V. Topping, S. J. Blundell
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31, 013001 (2019) Link
367 Magnetic order and enhanced exchange in the quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based antiferromagnet Cu(NO3)2(pyz)3
B. M. Huddart, J. Brambleby, T. Lancaster, P. A. Goddard, F. Xiao, S. J. Blundell, F. L. Pratt, J. Singleton, P. Macchi, R. Scatena, A. M. Bartoni and J. L. Manson
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21, 1014 (2019) Link
368 Spin Jahn-Teller antiferromagnetism in CoTi2O5
F. K. K. Kirschner, R. D. Johnson, F. Lang, D. D. Khalyavin, P. Manuel, T. Lancaster, D. Prabhakaran, and S. J. Blundell
Phys. Rev. B 99, 064403 (2019) Link
369 Unconventional Field-Induced Spin Gap in an S=1/2 Chiral Staggered Chain
J. Liu, S. Kittaka, R. D. Johnson, T. Lancaster, J. Singleton, T. Sakakibara, Y. Kohama, J. van Tol, A. Ardavan, B. H. Williams, S. J. Blundell, Z. E. Manson, J. L. Manson, and P. A. Goddard
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 057207 (2019) Link
370 Spin dynamics and field-induced magnetic phase transition in the honeycomb Kitaev magnet α-Li2IrO3
S. Choi, S. Manni, J. Singleton, C. V. Topping, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, D. T. Adroja, V. Zapf, P. Gegenwart, and R. Coldea
Phys. Rev. B 99, 054426 (2019) Link
371 Local magnetism, magnetic order and spin freezing in the 'nonmetallic metal' FeCrAs
B. M. Huddart, M. T. Birch, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, D. G. Porter, S. J. Clark, W. Wu, S. R. Julian, P. D. Hatton and T. Lancaster
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31, 285803 (2019) Link
Email: s dot blundell at physics.ox.ac.uk