Elizabeth Baldwin


Research Papers

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • "Choosing in the Dark: Incomplete Preferences, and Climate Policy".
  • "Build Now, Regret Later? Infrastructure and Climate Policy" (with Yongyang Cai and Karlygash Kuralbayeva).
  • "Substitute indivisible goods, competitive equilibrium, and Vickrey outcomes" (with Paul Klemperer and Paul Milgrom).
  • "'Demand Types', and Stable Multi-Agent Matching" (with Paul Klemperer).
  • "Implementing the multi-dimensional product-mix auction" (with Paul Klemperer).


If you're interested in my research in geometric invariant theory and the moduli spaces of stable maps, I recommend starting with Ian Morrison's survey article, "GIT Constructions of Moduli Spaces of Stable Curves and Maps", which contains a section on these methods and puts them into context.