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Psychology for Work Pages

These pages are for students currently attending the Psychology for Work course. This is a 10 week course running currently on Tuesdays  

both in the morning and evening in Trinity Term 2013 (April - June 2013)*. It is available to the public and can be booked via the  

Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford.

You will find links here to publicly available journal articles and other material, relevant to the course, and which I think you might find useful.

Course topics  include:

    Behaviour at Work                                                        

    This topic examines  Organisational Commitment,  The Psychological  contract,  presenteeism, stress at work

    Motivation and engagement                                       

     In this session(s) we will look at theories of motivation and consider employee engagement. Includes themes 

     such as the effects of Organisational Culture on Organisational productivity/success.

    Workplace Design, including issues in I.T.             

    In these sessions we will look at  the effects of the physical work space/ ergonomics, as well as the effects of I.T.

    and changes in I.T., and how these affect productivity in the workplace. Case studies on 'remote working' and 'the

    paperless office'.

    Personnel Selection and Development                  

    These sessions introduce theories underpinning Psychometric assessments, and how they are used in selection 

     and development.

   Change and Change Management

    This topic looks at issues around the requirement for Organisational flexibility and change. Effects of change 

     such as employment uncertainty, changing expectations from both the Organisation and the Employee, and the 

     process of change managment will be considered.


     This topic considers leadership styles, and leadership within the context of the organisation.

Articles you may find useful:

Click here for an article by P. Hemp regarding Presenteeism: the phenomenon of being at work whilst ill
Click here for an article by P. Caproni (2004) for a refreshing perspective on Work-life balance
Click here for an article by Hogan et al (1994) for a review of the early literature relating to Leadership

* The current course is full, but there will be future courses, run during evenings and held in Oxford.  

If you would like to contact me regarding this course, please email me at janepollock.conted@gmail.com   

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