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Statistics and Research Methods

This page is currently under construction, but will include materials relating to Statistical Analyses and Research Methods. I have included a special set of pages for student use.

In the meantime, here are some useful Reference texts, and also a really useful link to some pages dealing with data presentation.

Reference texts:

If you want a really good book dealing with the basics, then this is fab:

Greene, J. & D'Oliveira, M. (1999). Learning to use Statistical tests in Psychology. Buckingham: OU Press

For those of you who want more detail in a mathematical style, and more advanced Statistics, then this:

Howell, D. (2001). Statistical Methods for Psychology. England: Wadsworth.

For a really good book, including reference to SPSS, and in an informative, interesting (honest!) and light-hearted style, then this is highly recommended:

Field, A. (2009). Discovering Statistics using SPSS. London: Sage

These two kind of come as a pair, but if you want a book just relating to Research Methods then this one is recommended:

Howitt, D. & Cramer, D.(2011). Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology. Essex: Pearson Education Ltd.

Howitt, D. & Cramer, D.(2011). Introduction to Statistics in Psychology. Essex: Pearson Education Ltd.