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Johannes Zachhuber   MA, DPhil

Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Trinity College

Graduate Teaching and Supervision

Masters teaching

I regularly teach for the MSt and the MPhil in Modern Theology and am happy to consider applicants for these courses. Apart from individually supervised shorter essays and a dissertation, these courses involve two seminar series: ‘Figures and Themes in Modern Theology’ in Michaelmas and Hilary Term of each academic year. For details about syllabi and exams see the Faculty website.

Doctoral supervision

I consider applications for DPhil students in all my research areas.
I currently supervise 15 DPhil students.

Research topics of current and recent supervisees

  • Heidegger’s secular eschatology in his early work (1909-1929). The thesis by Judith Wolfe has been published as Heidegger’s Eschatology: Theological Horizons in Martin Heidegger’s Early Work by OUP.
  • The centrality of the supernatural thesis in the early theology of Henri de Lubac (1924--1946) More information about the thesis by Frank Curry can by found here.
  • The idea of freedom and the political theologies of Wolfhart Pannenberg and Gustavo Gutiérrez. The thesis by Gratian Vandici is available here.
  • Theological critique of metaphysics in Gerhard Ebeling. The thesis by Ruth Görnandt has been published as Die Metaphysikkritik Gerhard Ebelings und ihre Vorgeschichte by Mohr-Siebeck.
  • ‘It was the worst of times; it was the worst of times’: Popular Prophecy, Rapture Fiction, and the Imminent Apocalypse in Contemporary American Evangelism. The thesis by Anbara Khalidi is available here.
  • Textbooks for ‘Renewing Protestantism’: Friedrich Schleiermacher, Karl Hagenbach and the project of theological encyclopaedia in nineteenth-century Germany. The thesis by Zachary Purvis has been published as Theology and the University in Nineteenth Century Germany with OUP.
  • ‘Unconscious Christianity’: A neglected element in Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s late theology. The thesis by Eleanor McLaughlin is available here.
  • Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian reconstitution of time. The thesis by James Crocker is available here.
  • ‘Narrative dandyism’: The theology of creation in the French decadent-dandyist novel 1845-1907. The thesis by Tara Burton is available here.
  • Homo Theurgos: freedom according to John Zizioulas and Nikolai Berdyaev. More information about the thesis by Romylos Knežević can be found here.
  • The evolution of Leszek Kołakowski’s religious thought. More information about the thesis by Hubert Czyzewski can be found here.
  • Christian Angelology in Ps-Dionysius and Sergei Bulgakov. The thesis by Tikhon Valilyev is available here.
  • The relationship between theology and ethics in modern Christian thought.
  • Aleksandr Men as an interpreter of the Bible: Creating Divine-human culture with the biblical theologies of Sergei Nikolaevich Trubetskoi and the ‘Russian School’.
  • Sacred texts, secular space: towards religious literacy for a secular age.
  • A phenomenology of kenosis: Jean-Luc Nancy after the theological turn.
  • Russo-Japanese religious encounters in the Meiji era. The emergence of Japanese Orthodoxy.
  • The non-person in the theology of Gustavo Gutiérrez.
  • Promoting the loss of the self and the mysticism of human communion: Uncovering the work of Mother Maria Skobtsova.
  • Revival of a dialogical God: Rosenzweig as a Nietzchean theist.
  • Christ’s impeccability and infinite risk in light of Ellen White’s Tabernacle Christology.
  • Secular Order and the Sources of Consensus on Climate Change.
  • Anglican ecclesiology in dialogue with Jacques Derrida.

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