Pheromones, ABRG,Department of Zoology, University of Oxford Asian elephants and many moths share a pheromone molecule
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TEDxLeuven  hits 1 million views: The smelly mystery of the human pheromone August 2013

Radio and podcasts

2010, 11 Sept. Oxford University (abridged) YouTube podcast, "Success of the smelliest" watch notes

2009, 24 July. National Public Radio WNYC Leonard Lopate Show. “Please explain: pheromones” listen here

2009, 27 May. University of Oxford Science podcast introduced by Prof Marcus du Sautoy. "Pheromones & diabetes" listen here

2009, 12 February. BBC Radio 4’s Material World. listen here

2009, January. NeuroPod (neuroscience podcast from Nature) "Fifty years of pheromones" listen here

2009, 18 January. National Public Radio, USA. Weekend edition. "Pheromones: no love potion No. 9" listen here

2009, 16 January. National Public Radio, USA. Science Friday. Talk of the Nation. "Celebrating 50 years of pheromone research"
listen here or here

2008, September. University of Oxford Alumni Weekend talk "Pheromones: what animals say with smell" listen here

(and other radio interviews on BBC World Service, BBC Radio Oxford in earlier years on a variety of topics).


1996 Natural World: Beetlemania (BBC-National Geographic) still photos    video

1993 Nature Detectives (BBC TV) review in The Independent


2010, April. New Scientist. TW letter "Sniff at pheromones" here

2010, February. Nature. Correspondence "Skewed assessment values have stifled textbook-writing" here

2009, February. Dana Foundation "The chemistry of love: In search of the elusive human pheromones" here

2009, January. University of Oxford ScienceBlog interview here

2009, January. Discover. "Do humans communicate via pheromones? The jury Is still out" here

2009, January. Live Science. "Sexual pheromones: myth or reality?" here

2009, January. Wired Science. "The last frontier: our stinky, sexy sweat" here

2009, January. BBC News Website "The human smell: a powerful force?" here


Pheromone news

Pheromones are not (quite) what you think



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