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Fujia Chen

Fujia Chen

Fujia Chen obtained her BEng degree in Textile Engineering, Donghua University (Chinese Textile University), China in and then completed her Masters degree in Composite Material, Aeronautics Engineering of Imperial College London. She has worked on 3D woven composite projects with Airbus, UK, which lead to her first publication on the impact behaviour of composites with different fibre structure (see publications). Her training in composite material science has grounded her well for the focus of her current research: studying the structure and mechanical behaviour of the silkworm cocoon, a model high-performance bio-composite.

A silkworm cocoon is a natural polymer and forms a non-woven structure composite shell made of continuous silk fibres and occasionally hair, sticks and leaves. The fibres are conglutinated by a matrix known as sericin. In nature, there are a number of kinds of cocoons with very different morphology, mechanism and functions for the silkworms. For her project, Fujia looks into the various structures and their individual mechanical behaviour of the cocoon materials, and also works on a quantitative framework to understand the link between the structure and the mechanism of the materials.

She is also a member of SAMPE, UK and the Oxford Polymer Network.


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November 2019

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