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Imke Greving
Imke Greving

Imke Greving (Née: Diddens) : Publications

2012 Greving, I. Cai, F. Vollrath, F. Schniepp, H. Shear-induced self-assembly of native silk proteins into fibrils studied by atomic force microscopy, Biomacromolecules 13 (3) 676-682 access

2011 Seydel, T. Knoll, W., Greving, I., Dicko, C., Koza, M. M., Krasnov, I.,  ller, M.."Increased molecular mobility in humid silk fibers under tensile stress" Physical Review E, 83 016104 access

2010 Greving, I., Dicko, C., Terry, A.E., Callow, P., Vollrath, F. "Small angle neutron scattering of native and reconstituted silk fibroin" Softmatter, 6 4389-4395 access

2009 Clifton, L.A., Neylon C., Terry A.E., Dicko C., Diddens I., Characterising biomaterial complexity. Materials Today, 12 (7-8): 86-91, access

2008 Diddens, I., Murphy, B., Krisch, Müller, M. Anisotropic Elastic Properties of Cellulose Measured Using Inelastic X-ray Scattering. Macromolecules 41, 9755-9759 access

2008 Krasnov, I. Diddens, I. Hauptmann, N. Helms, G. Ogurreck, M. Seydel, T. Funari, S.S. Müller. M. Mechanical properties of silk: Interplay of deformation on macroscopic and molecular length scales. Physical Review Letters, 100: 048104, access

2007 Seydel, T.Kölln, K. Krasnov, I. Diddens, I. Hauptmann, N. Helms, G. Ogurreck, M. Kang, S.-G. Koza, M.M. Müller, M. Silkworm silk under strain investigated by X-ray diffraction and neutron spectroscopy.
Macromolecules, 40:1035-1042, access


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