Pacific Islands RHD Genetics Network

Thank you for accessing the webpages of the Pacific Islands Rheumatic Heart Disease Genetics Network. The Network comprises a group of clinicians and scientists at institutions across Pacific Island Nations working alongside investigators from the UK, France and Australia with the aim of using human genetics research to investigate susceptibility to rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Amongst other things, this site provides information about how to access the genotype and sequence data produced by the network. These have been deposited in the European Genome-phenome Archive. As detailed on the Data Access page, some restrictions on access and usage apply with much of the dataset restricted to research focused on RHD. Access to certain components of the dataset requires regulatory approval from the country where the samples were obtained. However, an Elemental Dataset sufficient to reproduce the findings reported in our manuscript (Parks et al. 2016 A common immunoglobulin heavy chain allele and rheumatic heart disease risk in Oceania.) is available for immediate download.

This site also has an Other Resources page where you can access the protocols for the case-control studies set in Fiji and New Caledonia as well as items that may be useful to researchers working in this field including consent materials, case report forms and databases.

Please contact Dr Tom Parks (Email) for more information about any of this content.