CTI Textual Studies

Computers & Texts was the journal/newsletter of the CTI Centre for Textual Studies. It was edited by Michael Fraser and published around March and August of each year. The printed edition was available free of charge to academics in the United Kingdom and copies were also lodged within UK legal deposit libraries.


Computers & Texts 11 Computers & Texts 15
Computers & Texts 12 Computers & Texts 16/17
Computers & Texts 13 Computers & Texts 18/19
Computers & Texts 14

Computers & Texts: Important Announcement

Issue 18/19 was the last to be produced, as the CTI Centre for Textual Studies handed over its remit to a number of centres under the umbrella of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN). Details of their location and roles can be found on the LTSN website.

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