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Occasional Series, Number 2

Computers & Teaching in the Humanities

Selected papers from the CATH94 Conference held at Glasgow University September 9th-12th 1994

Edited by Michael Popham and Lorna Hughes

Oxford: CTI Centre for Textual Studies, 1996. Pp. iv+88. ISBN 0-9523301-2-1.

It is with pleasure that we announce the second publication in our Occasional Series. The selected proceedings from the CATH94 conference include a range of articles on the design and development of courseware, the electronic classroom, assessment and implementation issues, and electronic resources for the humanities.


Perspectives on Computers in Education - The Promise, the Pain, the Prospect

Design and Development of Courseware

The Electronic Classroom: Courseware in Action

Assessment and Implementation Issues

Electronic Resources for the Humanities

Courseware in Action Case Study: The STELLA Project

Copies can be ordered from Michael Fraser, CTI Centre for Textual Studies at a cost of £10.00 (+ postage & packing per copy: £1.00 in UK, £2.00 in Europe, £3.00 rest of world). Please make cheques payable to, 'Oxford University Computing Services' (invoices cannot be issued).

Document Created: 29 May 1996
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