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Occasional Series, Number 1

Victorian Periodicals Hypertext Project

Contributions from
Margaret Beetham, Amanda Bowens, Danielle Fuller, Lynette Hunter, Farath Arshad, Colin Parrott, Peter Ward

Edited by
Lorna Hughes and Stuart Lee

Oxford: CTI Centre for Textual Studies, 1994. Pp.iv + 50. ISBN 0 9523301 1 3.

This is the first in an occasional series of CTI publications. This series will include a number of monographs on specialist applications on computing in the teaching of the humanities.

The Victorian Periodicals Hypertext Project is a highly successful example of a collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative using hypermedia. The project was based at the Faculty of English, Leeds University, and brought in other participants from the University's Information Modelling Programme (IMP) department, as well as Leeds Polytechnic and Manchester Metropolitan University.

This project aimed to introduce students to Victorian periodicals within a hypermedia context and attracted a great deal of interest. This monograph by the developers describes the project, its background, funding, and evaluation, in detail. We hope this proves to be a useful reference document for anyone considering embarking on a similar project using hypermedia in teaching.


Editors' Introduction

Authors' Preface

The view from the humanities

Undergraduate students as authors

Hints for student users on the women's magazine project

The view from the Information Modelling Programme (IMP)

Technical annex

User manual: instructions for using the system

The socializing of context: methodolgies for hypertext


Copies can be ordered from Dr Michael Fraser, CTI Centre for Textual Studies at a cost of £10.00 (+ postage & packing per copy: £1.00 in UK, £2.00 in Europe, £3.00 rest of world). Please make cheques payable to, 'Oxford University Computing Services' (invoices cannot be issued).

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