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An online bibliography and web resources page

Resources, projects and sites supporting online learning
  • NetLearn
    An excellent annotated directory of resources for learning about and using the Internet for teaching and learning, based at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.
  • COSE (Creation of Study Environments)
    COSE is a project based at Staffordshire University which has developed an inexpensive and easy to maintain Virtual Learning Environment that supports a holistic approach to active and collaborative learning
    STILE (Students' and Teachers' Integrated Learning Environment) is a project based at Leicester Unibversity which was was principally concerned with institutional culture change, but it also produced a set of simple tools for the use of University staff wishing to produce and integrate Web-based teaching materials.
  • TILT (Teaching with Independent Learning Technologies)
    A project based at Glasgow University, with the aim "To show how teaching and learning can be made more productive and efficient throughout a single Higher Education Institution, by demonstrating how to use Information technology effectively in teaching methods, especially to support more independent learning." This site contains a range of useful project conclusions, case-studies and evaluations.
  • Towards Valid CSCL Tools From an Educationalist Perspective
    This is a JISC-funded project, based at Brighton University, whose aim is "to ensure that the future development of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) tools remains in keeping with the pedagogical aims of collaborative learning and the needs of participants in the learning process, whilst continuing to take advantage of the benefits to be had by employing modern and emerging technologies".
  • Practitioners' experiences in online learning
    Part of the very resourceful NODE Learning Technology Network Site, this is a page of links to articles relecting on and giving guidance about delivering courses using the Web.
  • Dynamic Syllabi
    A useful annotated list of links to a broad variety of course pages and syllabi - all devoted to some aspect of American culture - where the Web has been used to enhance course delivery.
  • Distance Education Links
    An extensive page of annotated links (from the Instructional Telecommunications Council website), to sites, articles and institutions dedicated distance and online learning. Much of this material will be of use outside of distance education contexts.
Short online courses about online learning
  • LeTTOL - Learning To Teach On-Line
    An excellent short course, developed by 8 FE colleges in Sheffield, delivered entirely online, designed to focus upon the key issues involved in tutoring online.
  • Living-IT
    Living-IT offer a series of very short online courses, several of which focus upon the practices and technologies of group-working online.
Sites / Articles evaluating available software for collaborative online learning

Netiquette - sites offering guidance on rules and etiquette for online communication

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