Decentralized Resource Allocation via Dual Consensus ADMM

G. Banjac, F. Rey, P. J. Goulart and J. Lygeros

in American Control Conference, Philadelphia, PA, USA, pp. 2789-2794, July 2019.
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We consider a resource allocation problem over an undirected network of agents, where edges of the network define communication links. The goal is to minimize the sum of agent-specific convex objective functions, while the agents’ decisions are coupled via a convex conic constraint. We derive two methods by applying the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) for decentralized consensus optimization to the dual of our resource allocation problem. Both methods are fully parallelizable and decentralized in the sense that each agent exchanges information only with its neighbors in the network and requires only its own data for updating its decision. We prove convergence of the proposed methods and demonstrate their effectiveness with a numerical example.