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Media Coverage

Some links to media coverage of New Caledonian crows

Here are a few links to media coverage of our work on New Caledonian crows - some more links are available on relevant pages.

Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV): "Minikameras für Krähen" Einstein 3 April 2008 (in German)

BBC News online: "Clever crows are caught on camera"

Nature News: "Tiny cameras give new meaning to 'bird's-eye view'"

National Geographic: "Tiny 'Crow-Cams' Capture Tool Use in Wild Birds"

Scientific American: "The Secret Lives of Tool-Wielding Crows"

New Scientist: "Tool use by shy crows caught on camera"

Science podcast: interview about 'crowcams' with Christian Rutz

NPR (USA): "Crow Cam Captures Creative Behavior in the Wild"

New York Times: "A Bird’s-Thigh View of Tool-Making Sheds Light on Crows"

New Scientist: "Bright birds make their own tools"

MSNBC: "Crows share tricks of the trade"

Nature News: "Crows switch sides to use tools"

CNN.com: "Crow shows she's no bird-brain" (wire-bending)

Nature News: "Clever crows know their tools" (wire-bending)

New Scientist: "Crow reveals talent for technology" (wire-bending)

New Scientist: "Look, no hands!" (feature on NC crows). New Scientist 175 (issue 2356, 17 August 2002): 44-47

BBC News: "Crows prove they are no birdbrains" (wire-bending)