OUOC Cuppers 2002 (9th June) - Results

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President's comments


Well, what can I say about yesterday other than I told you so! As ever the Catz army romped away with it, but I hope you all feel a bit agrieved that if any of you had managed to get 3 people together then I wouldn't be gloating for the second year in succession. I told you earlier that any motley crew could win it so don't say I didn't give our secret to success away.

Anyway, as much as I'm annoyed and delighted about the way the team event went, what I was even less impressed about was that we only had 12 members of the club there. OK it was wet (but if you went round early it wasn't) and OK some of you are revising for exams but I was still expecting more!

So how can you make it up to those of us who did manage to make it?

Make sure you're at the Parks on Wednesday. This event is not simply to show people within the University and the city itself what orienteering is, but is also a way of showing to everyone that it can be a hell of a lot of fun. There will be quite a few of us who'll have to be working hard to make sure that the races go smoothly, but all we need now are the rest of you to do the races and give the whole occassion a real sense of atmosphere. We really do want to show that OUOC is really in a healthy position and that can only happen if we get a good turnout from within the club. So please come along on Wednesday as there have been lots of us who have put in a great deal of time and effort into making this the largest event OUOC have put on this year.

Whatever the weatherman says!


Timer's Comments
Rain kept a few people away, but only bad luck prevented there being more qualifying teams. Like last year, however, St Catz walked away (literally, perhaps) with the College Trophy. I think everyone enjoyed Steve Fisher's course which started off easy before becoming technical, including the famous water trough. Hopefully not too many people were inconvienienced by angry dogs, children and bikes.

Ed Catmur and Rachael Holmes win prestigious fashionable polo-mintesque water bottles for being fastest around the course, while Lisa Hall, the leading novice, wins a designer, much-sought-after minimalist compass, apparently all the fashion at the moment. It's so minimalist it doesn't even say which way north is, or anything else for that matter.

Thanks to Steve for planning, Matt for organising, Kai for timekeeping and Ian and Pippa for driving, and Kai, Ed and Pippa for control gathering.

Next OUOC event: Park Race, University Parks, Wednesday 12th June, Registration at 19:00.
This is going to be a showcase event for the club, please come along!

Ollie O'Brien

Note: Women have 20% deducted from their actual time for the Handicap Time.

Individual Results (2.8km, 140m climb)
PositionNameCollegeStartFinishTimeMins/kmHandicap TimePrize
1Ed CatmurJesus11:3411:51:2117:216.217:21First Man
2Rachael HolmesSt Peters10:2710:52:1625:169.021:03First Woman
3Caroline CatmurTeddy Hall10:3611:01:5625:569.321:37
4Pippa WhitehouseEarth Sciences11:0011:27:3827:389.923:02
5Ian CumpsteySt Johns11:2211:46:0524:058.624:05
6Oliver O'BrienPembroke11:1511:39:5324:538.924:53
7Luke WoodwardTrinity11:0711:38:2031:2011.231:20
8Lisa HallEarth Sciences11:1111:52:3141:3114.834:36First Novice
9Matt DillinghamSt Catz11:0411:42:2238:2213.738:22
10Simon WebsterSt Johns10:4011:18:5438:5413.938:54
11Chris MillardLincoln11:2812:08:1640:1614.440:16
12Jeanne SaljeSt Peters11:2512:14:0449:0417.540:53
13Huw ArthurLMH11:3612:17:4541:4514.941:45
14Andy WrightSt Catz10:5711:42:2645:2616.245:26
15Tom KellyLMH11:3112:17:4346:4316.746:43
16Stephanie BullockSt Catz10:4712:18:1991:1932.676:06
17Paul PriceSt Catz10:5412:18:2084:2030.184:20
18Andrew BennettSt Catz10:4312:18:1795:1734.095:17
19Richard BarkeEarth Sciences10:50mpmpnamp

Official College Team Results (3 to count)
PositionCollegeHandicap TimePrizes
1St Catz159:54First Team
Matt Dillingham38:22
Andy Wright45:26
Stephanie Bullock76:06

Team Results (Totally Unofficial!) (2 to count) (Just for interest!)
PositionCollegeHandicap Time
1Earth Sciences (n/c)57:38
Pippa Whitehouse23:02
Lisa Hall34:36
2St Peters61:56
Rachael Holmes21:03
Jeanne Salje40:53
3St Johns62:59
Ian Cumpstey24:05
Simon Webster38:54
4St Catz A83:48
Matt Dillingham38:22
Andy Wright45:26
Huw Arthur41:45
Tom Kelly46:43
6St Catz B160:26
Stephanie Bullock76:06
Paul Price84:20

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