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E-mail lists

Use E-mail address: "pathology-tig[atsign]maillist.ox.ac.uk" to E-mail ALL TIG members - To send general messages
Use E-mail address: "pathology-l[atsign]maillist.ox.ac.uk" to E-mail ALL Dunn Pathology members - To send general messages

Genetic Resources

Automated sequencing guide: sequencing protocols, problem solving, ABI machines etc.
The Computational Biology Research Group: Oxford's Molecular Biology Data Centre (formerly molbiol).
The National Centre for Biotechnology Information: at the NIH (for Entrez, Blast, PSI-blast etc.)
IMGT - ImMunoGeneTics Database Ig, TCR and HLA genes and sequence analysis.
HLDA8: the 8th CD Workshop in Adelaide 2004.
SAGENet: for info etc about SAGE
Biovisa.net: a free collection of online protocols.

Other Resources

The British Society for Immunology (BSI) - includes various Immunology Links
Biotech Industry Resources - Biotech Stuff!
The Antibody Resource Page: where to find antibodies and much more!
CAMPATH.COM Consumer Home Page information for patients and doctors about CAMPATH (alemtuzumab) treatment
The multiple sclerosis resource centre information about CAMPATH (alemtuzumab) treatment for MS
TRX4 (Otelixizumab, ChAglyCD3 antibody) information from Wikipedia for development of the CD3 antibody with TolerRx


Serotec : many of TIG's mAbs are available from here.
Pharmingen : monoclonal antibodies and conjugates for FACS/ELISA analysis.
Antibodies-online.com: online search tool to find research antibodies.
Genzyme : cytokines and related reagents.
R&D Systems : cytokines and related reagents.
Sigma : for most chemicals and many immunological reagents.
Invitrogen : molecular biology reagents.
Stratagene : molecular biology reagents.
New England BioLabs : molecular biology reagents.
Gibco/Lifetech : molecular biology reagents and tissue culture materials.
Amersham/Pharmacia : radiochemicals, PhastGels, etc.
Philip Harris Scientific : for general Lab equipment and supplies
Fisher Scientific : for general Lab equipment and supplies
ISIS Innovation Ltd: Oxford University's Intellectual Property Company

Acorn/Computer Stuff

Virtual Acorn A RISC-OS emulator that allows you to run all Acorn software on a PC in Windows
RISCOS Ltd - the alternative to Windows or Mac-OS


"Developing short-term treatments for long-term outcomes"

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