Curriculum Vitae

The latest copy of my CV can be downloaded here: CV (December 2019)


Below is a list of my publications. My PhD thesis, entitled "Observational Constraints on Low-Mass Stellar Evolution and Planet Formation" can be found here: thesis.

FIRST AUTHOR (refereed)

Birkby, Jayne L., 2018, Handbook of Exoplanets, 16, ISBN 978-3-319-55332-0. Springer International Publishing AG, "Spectroscopic Direct Detection of Exoplanets "

Birkby, J. L.; de Kok, R. J.; Brogi, M.; Schwarz, H.; Snellen, I. A. G., 2017, AJ, 153, 138, "Discovery of water at high spectral resolution in the atmosphere of 51 Peg b "

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Birkby, J. L.; de Kok, R. J.; Brogi, M.; de Mooij, E. J. W.; Schwarz, H.; Albrecht, S.; Snellen, I. A. G., 2013, MNRAS Letters, 436, 35, “Detection of water absorption in the dayside atmosphere of HD 189733 b using ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy at 3.2 microns”

Birkby, Jayne; Nefs, B; Hodgkin, S; Kovács, G; Sipocz, B; Pinfield, D; Snellen, I; Mislis, D; Murgas, F; Lodieu, N; de Mooij, E; Goulding, N; Cruz, P; Stoev, H; Cappetta, M; Palle, E; Barrado, D; Saglia, R; Martín, E; Pavlenko, Y, 2012, MNRAS, 426, 1507, “Discovery and characterization of detached M dwarf eclipsing binaries in the WFCAM Transit Survey”

CO-AUTHOR (refereed)

Patricia Cruz, David Barrado, Jorge Lillo-Box, Marcos Diaz, Jayne Birkby, Mercedes López-Morales, Jonathan J. Fortney, 2016, A&A accepted, "Detection of the secondary eclipse of Qatar-1b in the Ks-band"

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