We will assume little beyond some knowledge of number fields and basic representation theory.


We will meet on Thursdays 13:30 in Room C5, which is the same time slot as the modularity lifting seminar last term.

Below is a tentative list of topics we intend to cover, although we'll probably have to go beyond Hilary term if we want to cover all of them.

Topic Speaker Notes
1. Algebraic groups and adeles Mick notes
2. Non-archimedean theory of automorphic reps Zach notes
3. The Satake isomorphism Håvard notes
4. Local Langlands correspondence Zach notes
5. Archimedean theory of automorphic reps James N. notes
6. Automorphic representations Alex notes
7. The case of GL2/Q and modular forms Arun notes

A PDF containing all the notes so far can be found here. Comments, corrections and criticisms are most welcome!

Resources and references:

The main reference is Jayce Getz's notes. Additionally, the following might be useful: