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Just as we were thinking about it, it peed it down with unforecast rain. So we went for a walk around the mineworkings of Cape Cornwall instead!
3:45 PM, 16/09/17
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"Thinking about climbing Commando Ridge on Friday. I only have the ancient Pat Littlejohn SW Climbs guidebook. but I seem to remember it's all pretty obvious, right?" -- Alison

I did it a long time ago, but yes, I don't recall route-finding being much of an issue. IIRC, you reach the start by going down to the left of the ridge (looking out to sea), and then go round, do some dodgy step, and you're at the start. Go up some kind of groove onto the ridge, then go along it. I think from P3 onwards there are plenty of opportunities to step down onto the grass and walk away, so I doubt you'll end up stuck somewhere!
Will B
4:59 PM, 14/09/17
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