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Ha! Avoiding Abbott reminds me that when I was looking for a heating guy from the official local (alphabetically arranged) listing, I made sure to start at least halfway down the list...
12:44 PM, 19/01/17
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Thanks Jamie, think we have a leak....
8:03 PM, 18/01/17
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"On a related note, any roofer recommendations?" -- Lina

James Dunn. A bit more expensive than the competition, but does things like actually turning up and completing work to a reasonable standard.

On a related note, avoid First Choice and any of the firms with Abbott in their name like the plague.
12:30 PM, 18/01/17
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Oh no, what a nightmare! Glad nothing was taken.
2:29 PM, 16/01/17
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Thanks guys, to cap it all off there's no internet either, so I'm mostly trying to sort things out from my office! We're secured on the Yale for now, which is as secure as an emergency fix and MUCH better than nothing! :-O
9:36 AM, 16/01/17
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