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Hello Jack,

I'm afraid Fred's right: it'll take a lot of effort and luck to do a day's climbing over Christmas if you're based in Oxford.

If you're determined, then your best bet might be to go to Portland or Swanage on the South coast; I climbed at Swanage in a t-shirt on Christmas Eve once, so it's definitely possible. Or go to the Peak District and climb hard/fast enough that you don't notice the cold/wind/rain/snow. Either option is about 2h30 from Oxford in good traffic.

(I just couldn't resist replying to myself!)
Will B
8:36 PM, 8/12/16
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On a sort of similar note, I'll be in Oxford on 24th and 27th Dec. Does anyone want to meet up for a pub lunch?
(Jack - if lunch with climbers is any substitute for actual climbing you're welcome to join!)
9:10 AM, 8/12/16
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The Helpful Man
10:37 PM, 7/12/16
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Hello Jack/Will.

You're probably already aware of this, but there aren't actually any crags in Oxford, or even anywhere all that close. Also, in case you've not been to England in December before, around Christmas sunrise is about 8:15 am and sunset is before 4 pm, an the weather is likely to be awful. Factor in a few hours driving each way to the nearest crag as well as it being holiday season and you might be lucky to get any climbing done.

Also, the indoor climbing walls will be closed for Christmas most of that time.
6:53 PM, 7/12/16
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Hi everyone. My name is Jack and I've been climbing for about 2 years now. I am from Tucson, Arizona, USA and will be travel to England for holiday. I am driving from London through Oxford roughly Dec 23 to Dec 27. Would anyone be willing to partner on some crags? I would try to return the favor and climb in some of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, or California's great climbing destinations. Contact me at jack.w.lusk@gmail.com if you are interested!

I can climb trad and multi-pitch at an intermediate level.

P.S. I completely posted under Will's Username because the register feature was not working. Sorry, Will!
Will B
12:20 AM, 7/12/16
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"120 free softshells!?" -- Alison

And a partridge in a pear tree.
2:24 PM, 6/12/16
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120 free softshells!?
4:24 PM, 5/12/16
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