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Bethan - RB Gas are fab.
5:31 PM, 25/02/17
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A recent mailist posting included a requirement that people getting involved be " an annual or late member "
I'd not realised that we had enlivenment-impaired people as club members (sure, some of us are slower than others at the wall, but who's calling for brains as recovery food? Or do I only think this because I keep missing Tuesday Brookes?)
Niall H.
12:17 AM, 24/02/17
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No recommendations for plumbers, but pleased you got to the wall. Happy Lee H might be a good guy to check with - he might have recommendations/antirecommendations based on people he's worked with.
11:29 AM, 23/02/17
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Hey gang. Another non-climbing related post I'm afraid. Does anyone have any Oxford-based plumber recommendations...?!

(Additional climbing-related post: I actually managed to go to the wall last night for the first time in over 2 years Shock )
11:25 AM, 23/02/17
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Yesterday felt like spring...Warm, sunny climbing on dry rock in the Gower Grinning

Today its back to being Welsh!
7:11 PM, 19/02/17
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