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"Found a route on the Gower today called Nick'd...it amused me anyway Rolling eyes " -- George
It's on the front of the guidebook!
5:24 PM, 20/07/16
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oh dear lord what is wrong with the world?
I'm half tempted to cancel my membership in protest.
10:39 PM, 25/07/16
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"BMC Members all climb stuff"...

Well, good to hear they've thought it through so thoroughly!
Dave A.
8:06 AM, 26/07/16
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I'm guessing the BMC didn't want to miss out on the chance to be the governing body of Olympic climbing. Sad

I'm going to go and complain about the change on ClimbBook.
9:23 AM, 26/07/16
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Why don't we help them get started with their website rebrand?
Will B
9:00 AM, 27/07/16
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Mmm, nice.
I quite like what that process does to the University webpage
Niall H.
12:24 PM, 27/07/16
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Poor Professor Sarah!!
1:21 PM, 27/07/16
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