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Oh no he isn't.

BTW, old OUMCers, come to the ceilidh! It's on 8th March at Dorchester Abbey and deadline to sign up for tickets is 21st February.
8:36 PM, 16/02/18
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I'd like to come but its too far for mid-week Sad
6:59 PM, 19/02/18
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At least you didn't call us "Late OUMC-ers" Wink
Niall H.
11:58 PM, 19/02/18
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I can make the sign-up, just not the ceilidh. Happy
3:45 PM, 21/02/18
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I can't make it as I'll be at the climbing wall, not even climbing but instructing.....
3:35 AM, 23/02/18
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