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There must be some today... From last night we have a pink cowboy hat and Jolanta's blue sunglasses...
8:24 PM, 17/06/17
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The photos on facebook imply you snapped a rope bridge swinging....!! is that ture?
8:27 PM, 19/06/17
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I blame all the tandem jumps.
Pete C
9:35 PM, 19/06/17
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And now we know why rope protectors were invented.
10:05 PM, 19/06/17
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Actually the rope never snapped. The sheath wore through, and then over the next ten jumps or so the degloved stretch grew longer and longer, until it reached the Italian hitch, which we were then unable to release under load. At that point the coup de grace was administered.
Will B
9:28 AM, 20/06/17
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c.f. the duct tape and dental floss, which both gave up at the first jump.
Will B
9:29 AM, 20/06/17
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"At that point the coup de grace was administered." -- Will B

In context, I really like this turn of phrase. Grinning
11:57 AM, 20/06/17
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Coupe la corde...
5:23 PM, 20/06/17
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