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Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

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Malagasy Language and Linguistics

Phonetics/Phonology and Morphology:

Case - a description of case based on the nature of the noun phrase and the determiner;

Control - Control & its interaction with morphological segmentation;

Epenthesis - an interaction of stress assignment and preferred syllable structure ;


generalities : ka, tra & na - weak vs strong roots or weak vs strong syllables?

ina/ana alternation - a generally predictable passive ending;

passive testfile - the distribution of Malagasy passive affixes;

passive imperative /u/ vs /i/ alternation - an entirely predictable verbal ending;

Prefixation - does not affect stress assignment, but involves deletion & mutation;

Stress - stress assignment, ka/tra/na ending of words & extrasyllabicity.


Note: As Malagasy presents phonemic stress, it is crucial to view documents under Unicode UTF-8.