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Details of the 2021 Student Association Croquet Championships will appear here once finalised.

Dates - to be announced, typically a weekend in June/July. Please send experessions of interest for the 2021 Championship to croquet.club@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk.


Sponsored by The Croquet Association.

Venue: Oxford University, the University Parks

Event 1: The Student Open Championship

A Championship for individual players, to be played under the laws of Advanced Play. The final will be seeded so that competitors from the same university will not meet in the first round if possible. The Dudley Hamilton Miller Cup. Holder: Daniel Gott, Bath University

Event 2:  The Students' Team Championship

Teams of 2 players, playing level-advanced.  Format: AMD. The Edmund Reeve Cup. Holders: Kirandeep Saini and Mark Baker, Oxford University

Exceptions and Additions to General Conditions

  1. The Championships are being promoted by the Croquet Association. The format will depend on the number of entries. Regional heats will be organised prior to the final if required.
  2. To be eligible to compete, an entrant must be an 'internal ' student registered for and following a full-time degree or diploma at a University or an Institute or College of Higher Education. Students finishing their course of study in December or March are eligible until the end of the academic year provided that their Union subscription has been paid.
  3. The cost of bed and breakfast accommodation in Oxford is likely to be in the region of £30 per day. Players are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements and accommodation lists can be requested with the entries. Limited rough accommodation is available with the Oxford team members - please contact the Secretary.
  4. Athletic Unions may support expenses for this championship - players should apply to their own unions to determine the level of support.

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