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Arrangement between the OUCC and the OUC&LTC and SFC

I have negotiated for the University Sports Facilities Committee (SFC) to pay the OUCC's subscription to the 'LTC. This means that we no longer pay for the use of the lawns ourselves, but the SFC does it on our behalf. This represents an amount of £170 per annum (1983).

Provided there are no objections this arrangement will come into effect this coming season (1984).

It is important to realise that this in no way alters our (1976) agreement with the 'LTC over the use of the lawns. We still use the lawns under their control and conditions. The final say on whether the lawns may be used remains with the Croquet Secretary of the 'LTC.

The OUCC, obviously benefits from not having to find the 'LTC subscription from its members. Furthermore all administration concerning the payment of monies is now absent and the 'LTC subscription should be completely transparent to the Club (but not forgotten). We are now able to directly control our income (and numbers) by the subscription that we charge.

Our income will however effect our normal grant. This comes from the Senior Treasurers' Committee (STC), which is completely separate from the SFC. The STC grant covers everything bar rent (and large capital expenditure). The rent is now to be paid by the SFC. If our income becomes excessive (i.e. from subscriptions and Cuppers' fees) we will lose out. Our members will be making up from their subscriptions what we lose from our STC grant for having a large income. This needs to be watched!

The SFC funding has minor strings attached which I will mention; if OUCC numbers fall drastically then the SFC will need to renegotiate the sum paid to the 'LTC. The present figure is based on a membership of 55. It is up to the SFC to action this renegotiation since the full payment is of benefit to both clubs.

For this season I have suggested that the 'LTC provides us with 55 memberships (i.e. cards). Last year this seemed to be approaching saturation for the lawns. Obviously if people join and lose interest we can request more cards from the 'LTC. The 'LTC, being in control, can if they wish reduce the numbers and apply restrictions on when junior members may or may not use the lawns.

Should these conditions become severely unfavourable to the OUCC, then we must discuss the matter with the 'LTC with final recourse to the SFC - this is most unlikely.

No doubt small problems will arise this season with the new arrangement but once -we develop an agreeable system both clubs stand to benefit from this regular injection of money.

(detailed notes on negotiations in IRP's President's Notebook)

Ian Plummer, President
February 9 1984

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