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The O'Hare group is an Inorganic Chemistry research group based in the University of Oxford.

The O'Hare group have a wide range of research interests spanning organometallic and solid-state chemistry. We're particularly interested in the synthesis of novel compounds. The titles of some currently active projects are given below and further information can be found in the Research Areas section.

In-Situ Diffraction Studies

Activation of small molecules using Frustrated Lewis Pairs

The synthesis and characterisation of novel organometallic compounds

Application of Layered Double Hydroxides

Recent News


15/03/16 - We have an exciting opportunity in the group for a new Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the synthesis of novel materials based on Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs). Please follow the link for more details. Deadline for applications is 14/04/16.

5/11/15 - Congratulations to Kate and Duncan for passing their transfer of status!

30/09/15 Welcome to our new Part IIs Joyce, Lizzie, Tom and Katarina, our new DPhil Jess, and our new visiting researcher Clara. Nice to have you with us!

21/04/15 - Chris Congratulations to Chris Wright on winning a poster prize at the RSC Southern Dalton Meeting in Brighton.

5/3/15 - New DPhil studentship available within the O'Hare Group working on permethylindenyl complexes for ethylene polymerisation.

19/12/14 - Congratulations to Dr Buckley on passing her viva! Wishing you the best of luck in your new job.