The Early English Text Society


Anyone wishing to join the Society should contact the Membership Secretary. From 2012 onwards, the subscription to the Society is 30.00 (or US$60.00), due in advance on 1 January. It can be paid by credit or debit card, or by cheque or money order made out to 'The Early English Text Society', and sent to the Membership Secretary. Please use the forms below. Payment of this subscription entitles the member to receive the new book(s) in the Original Series for the year. The books in the Supplementary Series do not form part of the issue sent to members in return for the payment of their annual subscription, though they are available to members at a reduced price; a notice about each volume is sent to members in advance of publication.

Private members of the Society (but not libraries) may select in place of the annual issue past volumes from the Society's list. From 2012, the value of such texts allowed against one annual subscription is 60.00, and all these transactions must be made through the Membership Secretary. All members of the Society may also purchase copies of earlier publications at a discount of 30 per cent. All such orders must be sent to the Membership Secretary.

Details of the books, the cost of membership, and its privileges are revised from time to time. The prices of books are subject to alteration without notice.

Membership Application Forms

Forms open in a separate window:

Don't forget to display our poster to encourage others to join. It is here, brilliantly designed by Beth Tovey.

The subscription and policy on substitutions changed in 2012. For information about that change, see this note on subscriptions and Substitutions for individual members from 2012 and for institutional members.