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The Original Series began in 1864 and continues to the present. In 1867 an Extra Series was started, of texts already printed but not in satisfactory or readily obtainable editions. In 1921 the Extra Series was discontinued and all publications were subsequently listed and numbered as part of the Original Series. In 1970 the Supplementary Series was initiated: volumes in this series are issued only occasionally and as suitable texts become available.

New volumes are published on behalf of the Society by the Oxford University Press, which also holds the backlist dating back to 1864. During April 2016 we are engaged in moving our physical stock and over the summer of 2016 we are starting to convert some out-of-print titles to print-on-demand. We apologize for any delays in production and delivery over this period, while we set up new systems for the longer term.

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Current Publications

Original Series

OS 347 The Crafte of Lymmyng and The Manner of Steynyng: Middle English Recipes for Painters, Stainers, Scribes and Illuminators, ed. Mark Clarke (2016); ISBN 9780198789086.

OS 346 A Mirror to Devout People(Speculum devotorum), ed. Paul J. Patterson (2016 for 2015); ISBN 9780198744979.

OS 345 Poems from BL MS Harley 913: ‘The Kildare Manuscript’, ed. Thorlac-Turville-Petre (2015); ISBN 9780198739166.

OS 344 Alexander Barclay, The Famous Cronycle of the Warre which the Romayns had agaynst Iugurth, Usurper of the Kyngdome of Numidy, ed. Greg Waite (2014); ISBN 9780199688197.

OS 343 Two Revised Versions of Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary and the related Canticles, vol. 3 (covering Psalms 116-150, the Canticles and the Editorial Notes), ed. Anne Hudson (2014); ISBN 9780199688180.

OS 342 The Prick of Conscience, ed. Ralph Hanna and Sarah Wood (2013); ISBN 9780199680993.

OS 341 Two Revised Versions of Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary and the related Canticles, vol. 2 (covering Psalms 35-115), ed. Anne Hudson (2013); ISBN 9780199674299.

OS 340 Two Revised Versions of Rolle’s English Psalter Commentary and the related Canticles, vol. 1 (Introduction and first part of the text), ed. Anne Hudson (2012); ISBN 9780199669202.

OS 339 Gilte Legende, vol. 3, ed. Richard Hamer (2012); ISBN 9780199668175.

OS 337 and 338 A Late Fifteenth-Century Dominical Sermon Cycle, vols 1 and 2, ed. Stephen Morrison (2012). Sold as a set; ISBN 9780197265116.

OS 336 The Egerton Version of Mandeville's Travels, ed. M. C. Seymour (2010); ISBN 9780199591060.

OS 334 and 335 John Mirk's Festial, edited from British Library MS Cotton Claudius A.II., vol. I, ed. S. Powell (2009, 2011); ISBN 9780199578498 and ISBN 9780199590377.

Supplementary Series

SS 25 The Old English Canons of Theodore, ed. R. D. Fulk and S. Jurasinski (2012); ISBN 9780199668182.

SS 23 and 24 The York Plays: A Critical Edition of the York Corpus Christi Play as Recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290, vol. I, ed. Richard Beadle (2009, 2013); ISBN 9780199578474 and ISBN 9780199590360.

For full details of these items see the OUP list.


The Society's publications date back to 1864, and comprise:

Original Series, numbers 1-333

Supplementary Series, numbers 1-22.

Extra Series, numbers 1-126

Around 400 of the publications on our back-list are currently in print and in stock. The Society keeps in print as many as it can, with the exception of some editions which have been superseded by later new editions in our own series. We are aware that at present a number of popular titles from the backlist, especially in Old English, have recently gone out of print. We apologize for this. We have ordered reprints of several volumes currently in demand and are looking into establishing a responsive system of print on demand in the near future.

For a nearly complete listing, omitting only the last year's publications, please see our List of Publications.

For full details and for orders by people other than members visit the website of Oxford University Press.

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Forthcoming Publications

Original Series

OS 349, 350 Sir Bevis of Hampton, ed. Jennifer Fellows

There are descriptions of this forthcoming publication here.

OS 348 Walter Hilton, The Scale of Perfection: Book II, ed. Stanley Hussey and Michael Sargent (2017 for 2016's subscribers); ISBN 9780198789093.

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