The Early English Text Society

Officers and Council

Honorary Director

Professor Vincent Gillespie, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford OX2 6QA

Editorial Secretary

Dr H.L. Spencer, Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP

Executive Secretary

Professor Daniel Wakelin, Faculty of English Language and Literature, St Cross Building, Manor Rd, Oxford, OX1 3UL

Membership Secretary

Dr Eric Cambridge, PO Box 270, Chester-le-Street, DH3 9EU

Professor J. Bately

Professor R. Beadle

Professor J. Boffey

Dr R.W. Dance

Dr A.I. Doyle

Mr R.F.S. Hamer

Professor R. Hanna

Mr T.F. Hoad

Professor A. Hudson

Professor S. Irvine

Professor W. Marx

Professor B. Millett

Professor D. Pearsall

Dr O.S. Pickering

Professor A. Putter

Professor J. Thompson

Professor T. Turville-Petre