OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2005

Sunday Library Meetings (and AGM) from 8:30 to 11.30pm are this term in Balliol, staircase XXII. They are on alternate weeks in Louise's room (number 3, even-numbered weeks) and Eleanor's room (number 18, odd weeks).
To find staircase XXII, go in through the main entrance of Balliol, and across to the archway in the far left corner of the front quad. Go through the arch, then turn 90 degrees to the right and go across the back quad until you get to the steps leading up to the hall. Turn left (in a 10 o'clock direction) to go underneath the ugly bridge made of concrete. Under the bridge on the right is the door to staircase XXII. The door combination was sent in an e-mail to ousfg-announce, but if you didn't get it, e-mail Mark.

Wednesday discussion meetings (see below for topics) are held at 8pm in Jesus College in Seminar Room A (except where indicated below). From the entrance to Jesus, go straight across first quad, through an archway into second quad and turn right. Go through another archway and turn left. Staircase XVIII is the modern block straight ahead. Go up the steps and through the door.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) start at 8pm in in St John's College (on St Giles; see map) JCR video room.

19 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Video Shaun of the Dead
26 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Discussion Quiz - Back by popular demand, the OUSFG quiz. People bring along any questions they feel would be suitable for an OUSFG quiz (i.e. vaguely SF & F related), often in a themed round. We then split into teams, and each person takes turns setting their questions to the other teams. The questions tend to require lateral thinking rather than detailed knowledge, so don't be put off if you are only an occasional reader/filmgoer - many of the old hands are shit ignirent, so you can't fail to raise the quality of your team.
2 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Video The Manchurian Candidate (1962 version)
9 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Discussion author and space expert, Colin Jack, will lead a discussion on Easy Travel To Other Planets.

One of the oldest dreams of SF is to find a really cool way to explore the universe. In fact the logo on the official OUSFG T-shirt used to be Per Dementia Ad Astra. I have long dreamed about lateral-thinking forms of space travel, and to my amazement actually got a grant from the European Space Agency to develop one of them.

Today, however, I will be talking about "seriously" eccentric ideas for getting to other planets, within and beyond the solar system. This will be an interactive session, and people are invited to bring along their own maddest idea for consideration. There's many a true word spoken in jest....

16 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Speaker Meeting Cory Doctorow at 8pm in The Arts room, staircase 7, Trinity College (map). See the meeting announcement for more details.
18 Feb  Friday 5th Week Banquet from 7pm, in Pembroke College. You need to book by Friday of 4th Week: menu and booking details.
19 Feb  Saturday 5th Week Picocon OUSFG's annual day-trip to ICSF's SF & F convention in London.
23 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Video Strange Days
2 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion Nick Clarke on Technobabble and stuff.
This meeting will be in Oriel College, Lecture Room 2 (map).
The room is in the island site, near the point marked 'Harris Building'. You can either try to enter through the O'Brien gate (small entrance from Oriel street), or, if it's locked, you can enter through the lodge, then turn left and enter second quad, carry on across second quad, taking the passage to the left, through the tunnel, and then turn left to emerge where you would be if you'd come through the O'Brien gate. Once you're there, you want to head straight as if you were coming in through the gate, then turn left when you can and go through the door in the tall green building up ahead. LR2 is on the third floor.
6 Mar  Sunday 8th Week AGM Annual General Meeting (in the Library)
9 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Silly Games in St. John's, Graves Room.

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