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Graduate Studies in Philosophy of Physics at Oxford

The M.St in Philosophy of Physics is a relatively new 1-year degree programme intended mainly for physicists with little or no background in philosophy. It involves taught graduate courses in philosophy of physics and philosophy of science, together with an elective in one of the fields: metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and logic. Those who complete this degree with distinction may continue to the D.Phil should they wish.

The B.Phil degree is an 2-year degree programme which involves both formal courses and research. Despite its name it is a masters degree, intended to provide reasonably broad instruction in philosophy. It is possible to specialize in the B.Phil in formal logic, philosophy of science, and philosophy of physics, so in principle students whose first degree is physics, with little or no background in philosophy, can enter into this programme and succeed with it; but in the first instance such students are advised to apply for the M.St in Philosophy of Physics. The B.Phil is ideal for students who already have some significant philosophical background at undergraduate level.

Graduate students may also enter directly into the D.Phil in Philosophy of Physics, but to do so they will normally have undertaken some graduate work in foundations of physics, philosophy of physics, or philosophy, as well as having a degree in physics or philosophy. The D.Phil is otherwise known as a Ph.D. degree, and is usually completed within 4 years; very often it is based on the dissertation written for the B.Phil degree.

A discussion group in philosophy of physics runs in some terms, organized by graduate students. More reliable is the Ockham Society, again run by graduates, that meets regularly every term. A graduate conference also runs annually. But all graduate students in philosophy of physics meet weekly at the Philosophy of Physics Research Seminar, Thursdays at 4.30 p.m.


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