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9 May 2015 - Varsity Match 2015

Oxford has won the 2015 Varsity Match against Cambridge. More details can be found on our recent results page.

13 May 2012 - Photos from 2012 BSQC

Some photographs of the Oxford teams at the 2012 British Student Quiz Championships can be found here.

12 May 2012 - Oxford wins 2012 British Student Quiz Championships

For the seventh year in the eight-year history of the British Student Quiz Championships, Oxford has won the national title. Oxford A (Alex Bubb, Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Alison Hudson, & Chris Savory) defeated Oxford C (Hugh Binnie, David Knapp, Tarun Narasimhan, & Victoria Shore) 520-175 in the first game of an advantaged final at Imperial College, London. Oxford C won the undergraduate title. Sheffield finished third with a record of 8-2, and Imperial finished fourth at 7-3. The tournament was run by former OUQS president Edmund Dickinson on behalf of BuzzerQuizz using a modified version of the 2012 NAQT D2 ICT set.

12 May 2012 - Warwick MUT Mirror Stats

Oxford sent three teams to the mirror of the Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament at the University of Warwick on 28 April. Full stats can be found here. The stats do not make clear that Oxford A (Hugh Binnie, Eva Miller, Maris Rowe-McCulloch, & Liam Shaw), the team with the third-best record in the tournament, won the tournament. Manchester, the team with the fourth-best record, was second.

27 March 2012 - Deep Bench Stats

Stats are now available from the Deep Bench tournament at Imperial. Oxford finished with 71 points, compared with 53 for the North, 43 for the South, and 13 for Cambridge. You can find detailed stats from the singles and doubles rounds and from the quads rounds. Thanks very much to Elliott Bajema from Imperial for running the tournament and to Alex Bubb from Oxford for supervising its Briticising.

13 March 2012 - Photos from the ICQ Finals Available

A few photos are now available from the ICQ finals on the 2012 ICQ page. Please remember to wear sunglasses before clicking on the link to the photo of the Magdalen A team.

10 March 2012 - Oxford wins Deep Bench Tournament at Imperial

The Oxford team (Hugh Binnie, Tom Finch, Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Alison Hudson, Hasneen Karbalai, Mahdi Malik, Cameron Quinn, & Peter Sloman) defeated teams representing Cambridge, the "North," and the "South" to win a tournament at Imperial College, London in the Deep Bench format. A link to the stats will be provided here when Imperial finishes typing them up.

6 March 2012 - 2012 BSQC Formally Announced

OUQS will participate in the 2012 British Student Quiz Championships to defend Oxford's title as Britain's best university quizbowl team. The 8th BSQC will be held Saturday, 12 May 2012 at Imperial College, London. Former OUQS President and current President of BuzzerQuiz Edmund Dickinson will serve as tournament director. For more information, please email Edmund. More information about the history of the BSQC can be found here.

5 March 2012 - New OUQS Committee Elected at AGM

A new committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting to run the Oxford University Quiz Society for the next three terms. Jonathan Lane of St John's College was elected president. The list of other Committee members can be found on this website's Committee page.

3 March 2012 - Magdalen A Wins 2012 ICQ

Magdalen A (Hugh Binnie, Marius Ostrowski, Cameron Quinn, & Chris Savory) defeated Harris Manchester (Laura Bouttell, Mahdi Malik, Liam Price, Calum Proctor, & Jessica Wright) in the final of the ICQ by a score of 150-115. Impressively, the final featured a combined 11 negs between the two teams. In the first semifinal, Magdalen A avenged a Group-Stage loss to Corpus Christi by a score 340-105. In the second, Harris Manchester knocked off top-seeded Christ Church 195-115. Magdalen A's win marks only the second time that a college has won three consecutive ICQs. This year, the President's Trophy for "representing the spirit of the ICQ" was presented to Hertford College. Full results from the final stages can be found here.

2 March 2012 - ICQ Semifinal Fixtures Set

Magdalen A defeated St John's A and Harris Manchester defeated Lincoln B to earn the last two spots in the ICQ semifinal. Magdalen A will play Corpus Christi at 1pm, then Harris Manchester will play Christ Church at 1:30pm. All spectators are welcome. The complete results from each of the 76 games that have happened so far can be found on this website's 2012 ICQ page. You may also wish to check out the bracket for the knockout stages.

2 March 2012 - University of Warwick Tournament Announcement

OUQS will compete in a tournament at the University of Warwick in Coventry on 28 April 2012. This tournament is open to university teams from around the UK. Anybody from another university who is interested in attending should contact Andrew Shaw.

29 February 2012 - First Teams Qualify for ICQ Semifinals

The first quarterfinals are complete, and Christ Church and Corpus Christi have qualified for the semifinals of the 2012 Intercollegiate Quiz. Those two teams will be joined by the winners of the quarterfinal games between Magdalen A and St John's A and between Harris Manchester and Lincoln B. The semifinals will take place Saturday, 3 March 2012 at 1pm in New College. The championship game will take place immediately thereafter. The semifinals and finals are open to the public, and we strongly encourage you to come watch.

21 February 2012 - Fixtures Set for the ICQ Second Round

All 60 Group-Stage games of the ICQ have been completed. Thanks to all the teams who competed and to the moderators and scorekeepers who volunteered their evenings to make everything run so smoothly. The top two teams in each group now advance to the Knockout Stages. The seedings for the tournament are listed below. Best of luck to all 20 teams!

Second- and Third-Round fixtures (and, eventually, results) can also be seen here.

13 February 2012 - First Teams Qualify for ICQ Second Round

Today, Magdalen B and St John's A became the first two teams to qualify for the Second Round of the 2012 ICQ. For the remainder of the Group Stage, you will be able to find a summary of the qualified teams right here. The teams are ordered by their priority for seeding in the Second Round (determined by finish within group, win-loss record, and points per bonus in that order):

  1. Christ Church (Group F #1; 3-0; 12.07 ppb)
  2. Corpus Christi (Group A #1; 3-0; 11.93 ppb)
  3. Jesus A (Group C #1; 3-0; 11.59 ppb)
  4. Balliol A (Group I #1; 3-0; 10.75 ppb)
  5. Harris Manchester (Group H #1; 3-0; 10.66 ppb)
  6. St John's A (Group B #1; 3-0; 10.49 ppb)
  7. Hertford (Group G #1; 3-0; 10.44 ppb)
  8. Somerville (Group D #1; 3-0; 10.32 ppb)
  9. Magdalen B (Group J #1; 3-0; 10.12 ppb)
  10. Kellogg (Group E #1; 2-1; 9.74 ppb)
  11. Exeter (Group I #2; 2-1; 11.77 ppb)
  12. Worcester (Group J #2; 2-1; 11.67 ppb)
  13. Lincoln B (Group E #2; 2-1; 11.62 ppb)
  14. Magdalen A (Group A #2; 2-1; 11.20 ppb)
  15. Magdalen C (Group G #2; 2-1; 10.15 ppb)
  16. St Edmund Hall B (Group C #2; 2-1; 9.88 ppb)
  17. University (Group F #2; 2-1; 9.63 ppb)
  18. Balliol B (Group H #2; 2-1; 9.51 ppb)
  19. Merton (Group B #2; 2-1; 9.38 ppb)
  20. Green Templeton (Group D #2; 2-1; 7.59 ppb)

7 February 2012 - The ICQ Is Underway

The ICQ is underway! Today, the first of 60 group-stage matches took place at St John's College. You can follow game results on this website's 2012 ICQ page. You can also see full SQBS statistics, updated nightly, at this link.

6 February 2012 - Deep Bench Announcement

OUQS will send a team to compete in the Deep Bench tournament at Imperial College, London on 10 March 2012. This tournament will feature teams of eight from Oxford, Cambridge, "the North," and "the South." For more information about the tournament, contact Elliott Bajema.

21 January 2012 - Oxford Open Stats and Recap

25 teams participated in the 2012 Oxford Open Tournament, the first-ever packet-submission tournament held in the United Kingdom. Chicago A (Shantanu Jha, Sam Bailey, Marshall Steinbaum, and Tyler Smith) won the tournament after defeating the Milhous Warriors 435-225 in the final. Two teams of current and recent OUQS alumni made the top bracket. Thanks to everybody who came out for the tournament, especially to our volunteer moderators. Statistics from the tournament can be found online for the prelims, playoffs, and overall combined brackets. The questions from the tournament are available, as always, on quizbowlpackets.com.

20 January 2012 - ICQ Registration Open

Registration for the 2012 Oxford Inter-Collegiate Quiz is now open. Registration closes at midnight on Monday of 3rd week (30th January). To register and for more details click here.

12 November 2011 - ACF Autumn Stats and Recap

Nine teams, including three from Oxford, competed in the 2011 ACF Tournament in St John's. The three Oxford teams finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In the final, "Oxford Cherwell" overcame a disadvantage to defeat "Oxford Isis" in back-to-back games. Full statistics from the tournament are available here. Videos of the first and second games of the advantaged final are also available online.

31 October 2011 - ACF Autumn

On November 12th, Oxford will be hosting a tournament called ACF Autumn. It is a mirror of an American quiz tournament, ACF Fall, with question content adjusted for our British audience. If your school would like to send a team, please get in touch with us!

So far we are expecting 2 teams from Imperial College, 1 team from Sheffield, likely 1 team from Southampton, as well as teams from Oxford. We are still waiting to hear back from a number of other interested schools. If you would like to compete, please let us know.

31 October 2011 - Freshers' ICQ

Congratulations to St John's A, winners of the 2011 Freshers' Intercollegiate Quiz. SJC defeated Oriel in the final to win. Full results of the group stages are available here.

27 September 2011 - Oxford Open Tournament

The Oxford University Quiz Society is pleased to announce that it will host the Oxford Open Tournament on 21 January 2012. This tournament will be open to anybody who wishes to participate. We encourage current university students, recent alumni, and less recent alumni to form teams for this tournament. There are no restrictions on what players can be on your team. For more details click here, or see the Facebook page.

27 September 2011 - Michaelmas 2011 Termcard

The termcard for Michaelmas 2011 has been posted here.

16 June 2011 - Mindsports Blues

Six members of the Oxford University Quiz Society, as well as several members of the Oxford University Chess Society, were awarded Mindsports Blues in a ceremony held 16 June at St John's College. Mindsports Blues were presented to Edmund Dickinson, Kyle Haddad-Fonda, George Woudhuysen, Alex Bubb, Aaron Holdway, and Zachary Vermeer. All six of those players represented Oxford in the Varsity Match or in a national or international competition. The Mindsports Blues awards are in their second year of existence.

12 June 2011 - 2011 Varsity Match

Oxford's A team of Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Edmund Dickinson, Alex Bubb, and George Woudhuysen defeated Cambridge by a score of 330-185 in the 2011 Varsity Match, which was held at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on 12 June. Oxford's win means that Oxford continues its run of never having lost the Varsity trophy. Oxford B (Aaron Holdway, Tom Speller, Zachary Vermeer, Simon Spiro) was also victorious over Cambridge's B team, although a team formed from members of the current OUQS committee was defeated by Cambridge's committee. The scoresheet from the Varsity Match can be seen here.

11 June 2011 - British Student Quiz Championships

Oxford sent four teams to the seventh annual British Student Quiz Championships, which were held on 11 June at Imperial College London. All four Oxford teams performed creditably and finished with winning records. Oxford A (Edmund Dickinson, George Woudhuysen, Zachary Vermeer, Aaron Holdway) finished the round-robin with a 10-1 record, earning them a spot in an advantaged final. Oxford B (Alex Bubb, Tom Speller, Matthew Chan, Simon Spiro) (8-3) beat Cambridge (8-3) in a tiebreaker for the right to contest the final against Oxford A. Oxford A then won the final by a score of 460-260 to retain the national title, which Oxford has held since the tournament went on hiatus in 2003. Additionally, Oxford's undergraduate team (Cameron Quinn, Mahdi Malik, Tim Hele, Joanna Munro, Jonathan Lane) defeated Imperial in a one-game final by a score of 310-245 to win the undergraduate title. The Cambridge-Oxford B tiebreaker and the Oxford A-Oxford B final can be seen in their entirety on YouTube. Full statistics from the round-robin of the BSQC can be found here.

30 April 2011 - Manchester Tournament

Oxford sent two and a half teams to a tournament at the University of Manchester on 30 April. An Oxford team consisting of Edmund Dickinson, Kara Fleming, George Scratcherd, and Hasneen Karbalai won the tournament. Full statistics can be found here.

Many of the links in the following archived news items are now defunct because we have since reorganised the website. They are posted here for reference purposes only

New committee

A new committee for 2011-12 was elected at the AGM; meet them here.

Inter-Collegiate Quiz 2011

The 20th annual Inter-Collegiate Quiz was held between 4th and 8th Weeks of Hilary Term. A record 44 teams participated. Congratulations to Magdalen A, who defeated St John's A in the final to retain their trophy. Full scores and statistics are available here.


Congratulations to Oxford A, who won the NAQT SCT 2011 Region 1 (Europe) after defeating Manchester in the final. Full standings and statistics may be viewed here and a summary is available on the NAQT website.

NAQT SCT 2011 at Oxford

For the second year in succession, OUQS will host the NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament for Region 1 (Europe). The winner of this tournament will qualify to the NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament in Chicago this April.

The tournament is scheduled for the 5th February and will be run in St John's College, Oxford. Entries are open for a full day of high-calibre quizzing. See here for full details.

Oxford Open Tournament

Congratulations to The Quiz League of London who won the Open Tournament on 27th November, after a very eventful day! See here for full statistics.

Oxford ACF Fall Mirror

Congratulations to Oxford Pennyfeather who won the ACF Fall Mirror held at St John's College, as well as to Oxford Belacqua who placed second and Cambridge who placed third. See here for full statistics.

Open Tournament Announcement - 27th November 2010

OUQS will host an Open Tournament on 27th November 2010 in Exeter College and St John's College, Oxford, beginning around 10am. This will be a University Challenge-style buzzer tournament based on the packets used at the 2010 Oxford Inter-Collegiate Quiz. American-centric questions have been excised, British-centric questions have been added and science questions are school-level, not university-level (unlike last year's ICT mirror tournament Masoquizm III).

Teams of four people are invited to take part. Of course, if you wish to bring a larger squad and rotate players, you are welcome to do so - it will be a long day. Exact cost and format are tbc, but a cost per team of around £50 is envisaged. For more details, contact Peter Sloman (peter.sloman [AT] queens [DOT] ox.ac.uk) or click here.

Freshers' ICQ 2010

The 2010 Freshers' Inter-Collegiate Quiz was won by St John's College. The group stages and quarter-finals were held at Jesus College and Magdalen College on Saturday of 3rd Week, with finals in St John's College on Monday of 4th Week. Results are available here.

New term, new committee

A new committee was elected in the Trinity Term AGM; details are here. Plans for the term to come include: welcome drinks at the Lamb and Flag at 8pm on Monday 1st Week, trialling for new members of the University Squad on Mondays of 1st - 3rd Weeks at 9pm at St John's College, and the Freshers' Inter-Collegiate Quiz, date and venue tbc.

NAQT SCT 2010 Europe

The 2010 NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament (SCT) for the Europe region took place at St John's College, Oxford, on Saturday 6th February. Congratulations to overall winners Manchester, and to Division 2 winners Warwick A! Full scores and statistics are available here.

ICQ 2010!

The 2010 Inter-Collegiate Quiz, was run by the OUQS between 3rd and 6th Weeks of Hilary Term. Congratulations to the winners, Magdalen College!

OUQS to Host NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament (SCT) 2010 Europe

The 2010 Sectional Championship Tournament (SCT) for the Europe region, for qualification to the NAQT Inter-Collegiate Tournament, will be hosted by the Oxford University Quiz Society, in conjunction with BuzzerQuiz. The SCT will be held on Saturday 6th February at St John's College, Oxford (http://www.sjc.ox.ac.uk). Contrary to our previous report, the tournament will not be held in Derby. A link to the announcement is here

All universities in Britain and continental Europe are invited to send teams. We estimate that entry will cost approximately £40 per team (with full details of entry fees TBC). Please contact our President, Peter Sloman, if you are interested in participating.

Oxford Mini-Tournament

A mini-tournament was held at St John's College in 8th Week between three Oxford teams and an Oxford Brookes team. Full scores and statistics are here.

Varsity Match 2009

Oxford were victorious in the 2009 Varsity Match. The A team, captained by Gail Trimble (Corpus Christi), and the B team, captained by Katharine Morris (St Stephen's House), both defeated their Cambridge counterparts, although the OUQS Committee team lost to the CUQS Committee team.

New Committee

The 2009-10 Committee were elected at the recent AGM. Congratulations to all.

ICQ 2009

Congratulations to St John's A for winning the 2009 ICQ, defeating Linacre A in the final. The President's Trophy was awared to Wycliffe Hall. Click here for more information.

New Committee

The 2008-9 Committee was elected at the recent AGM. Congratulations and thanks to all.

ICQ 2008

Congratulations to Corpus Christi on winning the 2008 ICQ. Click here for more information.

New Committee

The 2007-8 Committee were elected at the recent AGM. Congratulations to all.

Sixth win for Balliol

A 230 - 130 victory for Balliol against St John's clinched their sixth win since the ICQ was revived in 1999. For full results visit the ICQ 2007 Homepage

Freshers' ICQ 2008

Congratulations to Corpus Christi, who defeated a team from Wycliffe Hall to win the second Freshers' Inter-Collegiate Quiz!

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