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News from ICQ 1999

Get Quizzical - Cherwell, 26/02/99

The Oxford Quiz Cuppers competition has attracted a host of quiz anoraks, such as that fellow who was captain of Oriel last year and various other social inadequates, but also, bizarrely, North Oxford's finest, St Anne's AFC. Hastily chucking together a side for their engagement against St John's on Friday, the Anne's contingent arrived at their rich neighbours fresh from one of their legendary "Footy Curries". Picking the four most sober of their squad, the team ended up as Jon Ingram, Giles Hannah, Steve Kilgallon and Miles Bake. Supping from their mascots (a line of Lynx lager cans), Anne's received a warning from the quizmaster for "rowdy behaviour" even before the start. Mr Hannah enlivened proceedings by buzzing in to the first question with the words "Daddy own a Porsche!", and proceeding to interrupt a question by loudly opening a can of beer. Despite all this, the Stan's lads actually marched to a 130 - 115 victory and stormed off leaving a trail of Lynx. The quiz organiser, fabulously camp super-anorak Robert Linham (John's) wrote to Anne's the following day to ask "if you could please not turn up drunk to your next match". The boys did, and lost to Christ Church.


It is not often that quizzing gets much of a press coverage of any sort, so we were overjoyed when we discovered that the notable journal Cherwell had included a short report of a match. We must confess that we were just a little bemused to discover that the eminent student publication had included this in its somewhat scurrilous gossip column, but we put this down to the sheer popular nature of quizzes. Anyway, we would like to thank Cherwell profusely, especially that particularly nice chap, Steve Kilgallon, who is rumoured to be responsible for the article. For you amusement, we have reproduced the entire article; for your greater amusement, we have included a rather nice photo of the kind gentleman himself, taken after his noticeably poor performance for St Anne's against Christ Church.