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Future Plans

The Mystical Theology Network aims to hold annual academic conferences. Our ability to run these is contingent on funding. We are currently applying for a number of grants. The next conference will be held in Liverpool in July 2014.


  • There is currently no established academic forum for the theological discussion of Christian mysticism.
  • The Mystical Theology Network sees it at as an important goal to meet this need.
  • It aims to do this through holding a series of conferences.

Although the aim of these meetings is to promote multidisciplinary academic discussion, conferences are open to everyone, regardless of academic affiliation.

The Mysticsm Network Workshops

In addition to the academic conferences that focus specifically on Mystical Theology, there are plans to set up The Mysticism Network to examine interactions between practionners and more academic treatments of mysticism both inside Christianity and in other faith traditions.

We are currently applying for funding for the network to run a series of workshops that will examine this relationship in relation to art, reading, mental health and interfaith dialogue.

Exploring Contemporary Faith Trends Inside and Outside of the Academy

  • There is currently no established forum that draws together academic and practitioner approaches to mysticism in a systematic way.
  • The network sees it as an important goal to meet this need.
  • It aims to address this by running a series of workshops.

The workshops will explore points of converge and divergence between the way that mysticism is thought about in different academic fields and the way that it is approaches by practitioners in a number of diverse contexts.

We are currently planning to hold 4 workshops which will explore the following themes:

Workshop 1: Art and Articulation

Workshop 2: Healing through Darkness

Workshop 3: The Totality of Love and its Mystical Expression

Workshop 4: Mystical Reading, Experience and Dialogue

We hope that the workshops will result in important knowledge transfer – from practitioners to academics and vice verse, as well as across academic disciplines.

Details of the topics for the four workshops will appear found here.

Anyone wishing to be involved as a stakeholder should contact Louise Nelstrop louise.nelstrop@theology.ox.ac.uk