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The O'Hare group is an Inorganic Chemistry research group based in the University of Oxford.

The O'Hare group have a wide range of research interests spanning organometallic and solid-state chemistry. We're particularly interested in the synthesis of novel compounds. The titles of some currently active projects are given below and further information can be found in the Research Areas section.

In-Situ Diffraction Studies

Activation of small molecules using Frustrated Lewis Pairs

The synthesis and characterisation of novel organometallic compounds

Application of Layered Double Hydroxides

Recent News


10/02/16 - New Vacancy: DPhil in the development of new applications of layered double hydroxides, funded by SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Thailand). Further details available here. Closing date 10/03/2017

10/11/16 - Welcome to our new Post-Doc Tom Robinson. He's taken the courageous leap from main-group to organometallic chemistry. Well done Tom. He'll be working jointly with Prof. Charlotte Williams in partnership with SCG Chemicals.

02/10/16 - A big welcome to our new Post-Doc Dana, relocating from sunny Tarragona just in time for Winter. Sorry Dana. She'll be working on catalytic applications of LDHs.

29/09/16 - Congratulation Jess on passing your transfer of status! Let the chemistry begin!

27/09/16 - Welcome to Alasdair, Ben, Joe and Justin our Part II students this year.

05/08/16 - Team O'Hare returns in a blaze of glory from ICOMC 2016 in Melbourne Australia. Turns out July in Melbourne is winter. O'Hare members giving some great talks and showing some awesome posters - well done everyone!

09/05/16 - Congratulations to Dermot and the O'Hare group on recently being awarded the RSC Tilden Prize 2016 for creative work on the synthesis, reactivity and advanced characterisation of molecular inorganic compounds and materials.

12/04/16 - Welcome Jingfang our newest post-doc, from Conneticut US. She'll be making barrier materials from LDHs in partnership with SCG packaging.

17/03/16 - Huge congratulations to Dr Henry Fisher on passing his Viva. With great doctorates, come great responsibility. Best of luck at Volte Face!

01/12/16 - Good job Dermot and the O'Hare group - MPLS Impact award for excellence in generating broad user interactions that achieved impact or are conducive to achieving impact.