Oxford University Quiz Society

Buzzer Rental

Colleges preparing teams to tryout for University Challenge, as well as other organizations hoping to put on quizzes throughout the year, often ask to borrow the buzzers owned by the Quiz Society. As a result, we have had to formulate a consistent policy for renting out our buzzers. Generally, we are happy to do so in exchange for £10, assuming we are given enough notice. We may waive this fee if there is a good reason, for example financial difficulty. Under exceptional circumstances, such as if the buzzers are needed for an upcoming tournament, this may not be possible to arrange or the borrowing organisation may be required to put down a large deposit guaranteeing their return at a particular time and place. Since the buzzers are quite expensive and fragile, those borrowing them are advised that they are responsible for replacing any part of a buzzer set that is broken while in their possession. If you are interested in renting a set of buzzers, please contact quiz.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk at least a week in advance of when you will require it.