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The Oxford Inter-Collegiate Quiz

The 31st Oxford Inter-Collegiate Quiz, 2022 has concluded. Click here to find out more, including results from the group and knockout stages.

The Oxford Inter-Collegiate Challenge Quiz, as it was then called, was first contested back in 1985. The first winners were the Queen's College, who beat Magdalen in the final. The competition ran a further seven times until 1991, but with the demise of the Quiz Society, the competition went into abeyance for eight years, until it was revived in 1999.

The tournament is open to teams representing any College or Hall of the University of Oxford, as well as various other higher education institutions in Oxford. The format is very similar to that of University Challenge, except that matches are untimed and instead consist of 20 tossup/bonus cycles. To see the list of past champions view the ICQ Hall of Fame.

The society also runs the Freshers' Inter-Collegiate Quiz, a version of the ICQ for "quizzing freshers", in the Michaelmas Term.

Detailed results from 1999 onwards can be found under the links below:

For statistics including the top team and individual scores, view the all-new Inter-Collegiate Quiz Records page.