The Committee

Lord High President of Gallifrey (President)

Lissie Hickman, St Peter's

Lissie Hickman

Lissie is a third year historian at St Peter's. She started watching Doctor Who from a very young age when her Dad decided the Fourth Doctor's era should be a crucial part of her education! And has since developed a love for all things Doctor Who (and its expanded universe), with favourite eras including the Thirteenth Doctor's and Torchwood.

As President of the Society, Lissie is responsible for presiding over Committee and General Meetings, upholding the Constitution, and ultimately for the Society as a whole.

Collector of the Six Suns of Pluto (Treasurer)

Tara Seedher, Somerville

Tara Seedher

Tara is a third year DPhil student in Cancer Science at Somerville College. Outside of her DPhil, she enjoys feeding ducks, buying hats, and drinking lots of hot chocolate. She has been an avid Doctor Who fan since the age of five. Her favourite Doctor is the Ninth Doctor as she believes she would not only have a great time travelling with him, but is also confident that she would make it back home safe (and on-time)! She has a passion for watching any episode that includes the Cybermen, as she finds them to be one of the most terrifying concepts of the show! A particular favourite Cybermen story of hers is Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, which she hopes to get onto the term card someday! If she were a travelling companion of the Doctor's, she would prefer to avoid any parallel universes as she finds the idea of bumping into an alternative version of herself eerie.

As Treasurer of the Society, Tara is responsible for keeping track of the state of the Society's finances, paying in membership fees and writing cheques for expenditure in the cause of the Society, and furnishing a copy of the accounts once a term for the Castellan to pass on to the Proctors.

The Castellan (Secretary)

Sophie Farrell, Somerville

Sophie Farrell

Sophie is a second-year lawyer at Somerville College. One of the earliest things she remembers is a scene from The Empty Child which gave her nightmares, but she only got into Doctor Who in earnest during the Thirteenth Doctor’s run. Since then, she's had an insatiable hunger for all things Doctor Who, and especially loves the Third and Seventh Doctors, as well as anything to do with the Master. Outside of WhoSoc, she's a big fan of writing, long walks, taking photos of her dog, and video games with too much dialogue.

As Secretary, Sophie is responsible for keeping the Proctors happy by giving them termly notices of the state of the committee, the Society’s finances, and the meetings of the Society. She is also responsible for drawing up agendae for the committee meetings and writing down the minutes.

The Operator of the Mind Probe (Publicity Officer)

Lois Hannon, Hertford

Lois Hannon

A second-year student of Archaeology and Anthropology at Hertford College, Lois likes to take a break from contemplating the past, present, and future of the human race by winding down with some episodes of Doctor Who, a long-running science fiction television show about... oh, this can’t be happening. Armed with a complementary fondness for stories about history, memory, and humanity, her favourite Doctor is the Twelfth, although she almost collided with Peter Capaldi outside of an M&S once and couldn’t even bring herself to mention it for the embarrassment. When she isn’t adding to your unread email count, she can be found expanding her collection of graphic t-shirts, listening to indie bands so obscure that you couldn’t possibly have heard of them, or grappling with career ornithologists for the position of Oxford’s no.1 pigeon enjoyer.

As Publicity Officer, Lois is responsible for promoting the society. She writes the weekly publicity emails, compile the termly term card, and runs our Facebook and Twitter accounts. She also monitors the society’s email account for communication relevant to the society.

Lord Nimon (Social Secretary)

Daisy Holgate, Keble

Daisy Holgate

Daisy is a second year biologist at Keble College. They have been a Doctor Who fan since childhood, and still have a soft spot for the eleventh doctor and the Ponds. She now dabbles in all areas of Who, with some of her favorite stories being The Mind Robber, The Chimes of Midnight and The Eleventh Hour. Besides Doctor Who, they enjoy art, music and playing whatever game they're currently invested in, usually to the detriment of their degree.

As Social Secretary, Daisy works with other societies in and out of Oxford to organise the termly geek quiz, crewdates, and other joint events. They also bring drinks and snacks to meetings, and organise the termly society meal and society trips out of Oxford, including the annual Varsity Quiz with Cambridge.

Lord Chancellor (Vice-President)

Ian Bayley

Ian Bayley

Ian is life-long Whovian whose first memory is of the cliffhanger from Episode 2 of Castrovalva. A Balliol graduate who earned a DPhil in Computation and founded the university's Quiz Society while he was there, he is now a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes, one who was overjoyed that his favourite New Who Doctor followed him into his chosen profession for Series 10 and made the phrase "pudding brains" cool. He is usually to be found at committee meetings arguing that Eighth Week does not have to be 80s Week and that 80s Week does not have to mean Sylvester McCoy, as that brings back painful childhood trauma.

Ian is more successful in his official duty of enforcing the Three Year Rule, which is designed to ensure that no undergraduate will watch the same story more than once at our Thursday meetings.

Keeper of the Matrix (Webmaster)

Adam Kendrick

Adam Kendrick

Adam is a Chemistry graduate from St Catherine's who, after studying Computing at Oxford Brookes University, eventually became so accustomed to Oxford that he never left. Having watched Doctor Who since 2005, he includes Heaven Sent, Midnight, The Green Death, Enemy of the World, Demons of the Punjab, and Vengeance on Varos amongst his favourite serials. In his spare time, he enjoys reviewing Big Finish audios, practising the guitar, solving jigsaw puzzles, volunteering at his local charity shop, and playing Hearthstone badly. He also watches old films and animated TV shows, such as Shaun the Sheep and Bluey, and recommends the following podcasts: Dice Funk, Welcome to Night Vale, The Shrieking Shack, The Beef And Dairy Network Podcast, Doctor Who: Redacted, and Cruising Through Doom's Day.

As Webmaster, Adam has been chiefly responsible for keeping the website up-to-date with information on the termcard, the committee, library, and locations since Trinity 2016. He has also rewritten significant parts of the markup so that it adheres to modern web standards.

Regulator of the Hypercubes (IT Officer)

Harry Hutchins, Keble

Harry Hutchins

Harry B. Hutchins is a second year Engineering student at Keble college. They love to make stuff such as programming, devices and props (as engineers do). They also enjoy running in the mornings, playing games, and talking, so go have a chat and introduce yourself if you see them. Doctor Who has always been a favourite show of theirs, with the Eleventh Doctor being their favourite. Favourite episodes include Day of the Moon and The Pandorica Opens. They don’t know much about old Who and books, but are excited to watch them at the Oxford Doctor Who Society!

As IT Officer, Harry is responsible for registering and liaising with the University's IT services about use of their computing resources when necessary, but their primary duty is to keep the mailing lists up-to-date with new members and removing expired members at the end of their year. Just send us an email if you need to be added to one of the mailing lists.

Keeper of the Black Scrolls of Rassilon (Librarian)

Katrin Thier

Katrin Thier

Katrin has spent more time than is good for her in libraries and seems to attract books. As a result, she is currently trying to look after this society's boxful. In between reading novels and doing humanities research, she sometimes finds time to watch decent telly such as Babylon 5, Firefly, assorted crime dramas, and of course Doctor Who.

As the Society's Librarian, Katrin is responsible for maintaining the Society's library, ensuring that all the books therein are kept in a reasonable condition and catalogued. She also keeps track of loans of books, to ensure that no books have been eaten by the borrower's pet robot dog. With the publication of the catalogue on the website, she also liaises with the Web Officer to keep it up-to-date.

Society Historian

Matthew Kilburn

Matthew Kilburn

Matthew read History at St John's, but this was a long time ago, before many of the committee were even Time Tots, as he realised when The Oxford Student attributed quotes from him to 'An Older Gentleman'. He's affiliated to the History Faculty, has worked in both staff and freelance positions on several major humanities research projects, but still finds time to write about Doctor Who for both professional and fan publications.

Matthew is a long-standing member of the society and fount of useful information about its past. He also maintains the Tides of Time archive, uploading new issues and back issues of the society's fanzine alike.

Tides of Time Editor

Hannah Radley

Hannah Radley

Hannah is a second-year undergrad reading English Language and Literature at Merton College. Her favourite doctor is Peter Capaldi, partly if not largely informed by an overwhelming obsession with the music from Heaven Sent - A Fly on a Painting anyone? Having started out with The Sarah Jane Adventures at age eight, the Whoniverse has dominated over half of her life (and counting) and has since prompted multiple trips to the tourism capital of the world, Cardiff. Her other interests include My Chemical Romance, Taylor Swift (go Swemos), and some Shakespeare on the side.

As editor, Hannah is responsible for putting together the next issue of Tides of Time. New issues are published on an irregular basis, whenever she can put together enough material for an issue. She is therefore always glad to receive contributions - please get in contact at if you have any ideas for an article.