Welcome to the Oxford Doctor Who Society website!

We are a University Society formed in 1989, shortly before the original run of Doctor Who ended, to meet regularly and appreciate the best (and worst) of the fondly-remembered show, usually watching video tapes gathered around small televisions. Nowadays, in much the same spirit, we meet regularly to appreciate the best (and worst) of the now enormously successful show, usually watching DVDs gathered around larger televisions, with varying degrees of mild-mannered heckling. We also organise and participate in many events around and outside of Oxford, such as the termly Geek Quiz, trips to filming locations, and the Varsity Quiz.

Everyone is welcome to come along to our meetings, although those coming on a regular basis are encouraged to pay our membership fee - £5 for a year, £15 for life - payable to our Treasurer. This goes towards covering the running costs of the society, including free drinks at the subsequent year's Fresher's Drinks, so come along and enjoy a cocktail for your contribution to the Society's continued existence!

Our latest termcard can be found here.

Details and directions of the locations used for society meetings can be found here.

Contact Us

If you would like to be added to our mailing list or become a member of the society, please contact us at whosoc@nexus.ox.ac.uk.

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More Information

The society is managed by the Committee, which is chosen by the body of the society in elections each Hilary Term. Any member of the society is invited (and encouraged) to stand in these elections. Members may also be interested in the brief history of our society, our Constitution, and our list of honorary members.

The Society Library, maintained by the Keeper of the Scrolls, currently inhabits a shoebox which sometimes made an appearance at meetings. Members who are interested in borrowing any books are advised to contact the Keeper.

We also publish a magazine at irregular intervals called The Tides of Time, which contains a variety of articles related to the society or Doctor Who in general. The archives of the magazine can be found on this external website. Submissions for future issues can be sent to outidesoftime@gmail.com.

A number of banners have been created for the website over time: a full gallery with annotations can be viewed here.

We also have a backup website which can be found here.