The society has used a variety of locations for its regular meetings: the current termcard specifies in which room a particular meeting will occur. These locations may change between terms due to circumstances beyond our control, but the society currently holds most of its weekly video meetings in the Miles Room at St Peter's College.

Before Trinity 2011, regular meetings were held, at least in part, in St. John's MCR. Subsequently they were held in the Daubeny Lecture Theatre at Magdalen College, except for between Trinity Term 2012 and Hilary Term 2014, when we were in Lecture Room 2 at Christ Church. We moved to the Lodge Seminar Room in Lady Margaret Hall for Trinity 2015, and regularly gathered in the Miles Room at St. Peter's College during the 2015-2016 academic year. We then held regular meetings in the Seminar Room at Corpus Christi College from Michaelmas Term 2016 until Hilary Term 2018, after which we met in the Mansfield Seminar Rooms for a year before moving back to Corpus Christi from Trinity 2019 to Hilary 2022. Between March 2020 and October 2021, we met online on Facebook and our Discord server. We have mostly used the Miles Room at St Peter's College and Levine Building Auditorium at Trinity College since Trinity 2022. The North Lecture Room in St. John's is included as the historic location of the Geek Quiz.

Links to pages containing more information on each of these locations, including maps and directions to the rooms can be found below, or by clicking on the appropriate name above.

Current Locations

Previous Locations